Panzer Dragoon Orta (finally) on gamepass

Posted 21st Feb
I did a search which came up with nothing on this, but if its common knowledge, please ignore /delete!

Last October it was announced panzer dragoon orta would come to gamepass but when the date rolled around it was only for USA, which I was personally very disappointed by. But looking through the list today, its there and I've installed it. When this changed I do not know, but I've looked through the list a few times recently and think I would have spotted it..

Anyway I'm happy that I can relive a few saturn/og xbox memories. Enjoy
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I still have a physical copy of the game. I remember it contained the original Panzer Dragoon as a bonus unlockable. Graphically Orta still holds up remarkably well - the original Xbox was a beast of a console for its time.
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