Paper log maker?

Found 8th Sep 2010
Does anyone have experience of making their own fire logs from paper? I'm hoping someone can recommend a press to buy, & also advise me if it's actually worth doing.
Cheapest I've seen is £13.99 on Amazon.
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I had a go last year - getting paper blocks to dry in the summer is hard enough never mind in cold weather , messy , time consuming , waste of time in my opinion .
: )
I have seen these advertised and wondered if they would be any good. The advert I read suggested they would generate a lot of heat. I would imagine if you dont get it right the block would smoke a bit.
I have been breaking up pallets and giving this to friends that have open fires to use as fuel.
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I have tried using these before. In all honesty, I wouldnt recommend them. It is a lot of time, effort and mess. The end results were none too impressive either unfortunately
have a look at this…245, its a month old but you might still find some kicking about somewhere.I managed to get 2 one for me,another a pressie, but not had chance to use it yet. There are some youtube videos showing the best ways & materials to use to make paper logs.
Waste of time, unless you've got loads of it (time), and and excess of paper to destroy. Not even worth it as fire starters. Pants.
Thanks for advice everyone. Don't think I'll bother then unless I can still pick up one of those homebase ones...
THey work well for burning but messy and hard work, I now do mine without one, simply soak the papers whole in water with a few drops of bleach, leave for a day or two then roll a couple tightly (based on approx 60 pages per paper), place on hard surface and whack with lump hammer, each one takes less than 30 seconds to make and they burn a treat, 20-30 minutes of good quality heat, ideal for burning when you just want to take the chill off the house but dont want a roaring fire.

TOP TIP: dont bother with firelighters, get a square of kitchen roll, smear about half a teaspoon of vaseline down the middle, roll tightly and put a knot in the middle, they work great when you light one end, two of these get a fire going great.

Alternatively scraps of old cotton dipped in waste cooking oil work well too.
thats a good tip, whats the idea of the bleach in the water ?
OP I was in the co-op today and they have reduced the paper fire log thingys to half price. Ones on sale were £1.49

Maybe just go stock up

thats a good tip, whats the idea of the bleach in the water ?

two things it stops the water stagnating and it also breaks the paper down a tad and helps it "remould" when shaping.
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