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Well at last Ive managed to find a holiday to take in everyones requirments and we are off to Cyprus. I wonder if anyone has any advice about the Water park at Paphos, like if there's anyway of getting reduced entry or other offers about. Also tips when you're there.
We also need a cheap transfer from the airport to Paphos and the cheapest Ive come up with is £19 pp.
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can you not hire a car?
I had thought of that but with the time we arrive and having 2 tired children after the long flight we didn't see the benefit as we wouldn't use it before it was time to give the car back. The cost is only slightly cheaper as you have to get something to take everyones bags.

Holidays are so complicated!!
can you give me details i.e how many travelling also, airport name and destination, and dates and i shall try find cheaper than 19 pp . xx
There are 2 adults and 2 children 15 and 9 years and we are going from Paphos Airport to Paphos town, we are staying at the Paphos Garden Hotel & Apts which I think is not far from the Waterpark. Many thanks
Sorry I forgot the date.... Arr 18 Aug.........Dep 1 Sep........thanks
Airport to Paphos town is about 15km or 20 mins, get a taxi from the airport and that will be under £20 each way from one of the plentiful selection outside the terminal, the taxis are also large so will take you all + luggage. (we paid £28 to coral bay which is twice as far as where you're going)

The waterpark will cost you about 100euros for the four of you (eldest is adult) this isn't particularly cheap but there are vouchers in resort for 5 & 10 euro discounts to be picked up at many restaurants & shops, we went in June and they were doing half price return visits as long as you paid on the way out which was fab for us as we planned to go back within our holiday anyway. It's a great place to go and we made a full day of it, we took water with us but don't go ott with a picnic as they don't let you take food in as a rule, they have a great wristband system where you pay for any drinks & food by scanning 'your' barcode and you pay the bill on the way out.... just watch the kids don't go mad :whistling:
They do a free pickup service from a lot of hotels so you might want to enquire at yours as its a fair walk from anywhere !!! There's a regular bus service as well. Our advice :- Get there early !!!

The harbour is a lovely place for a stroll with restarants, bars and boats a plenty !!!


Enjoy..... we did :thumbsup:
£19.50 each, but thats both ways thats cheapest i could find, and the good thing with that its an actual coach, and when we used them before there was only us on the coach so were first drop off!! xxxx let me know if you want more info xxx
thanks for all the info.......I think we'll go with the taxi option as it seems the most convenient and if its only £40 return its cheaper as well.
The park looks great and worth the money. Does anyone know if they do cheaper rates if you go more than once as I think the children are going to want go several times, particularly as my eldest doesn't like sand............a teenage daughter!!
There is offers on there actual website. For a 2 day visit its 45 euros adults and 25 euros children or annual pass which is 140 euros for adults and 85 euros for children. look at their website aphroditewaterpark.com/ind…htm
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