PARADOX 9 (Retail) CD Rom Installation Disk - Urgent Request - Neck on the Block!!

    Does anyone have a copy to sell or lend of the above software - managed to delete important files on work PC - and emptied Recycle Bin as well. Definitely Black Friday for me. I am now unable to run/access our stock/ordering system.

    I don't know what has happened to the original installation disk - apparently it is very old software and my predecessor may have disposed of it - anyhow - I am definitely stumped.

    If anyone can help - it would be greatly appreciated and I might just avoid me collecting my P45 on Monday.


    1. dont do anything else on the machine that you deleted the files from (even browsing the web will save images etc to the HD and possibly will overwrite your old files).
    2. On a differnet pc download and put it on a CD or USB stick
    3. on the PC with the deleted files run the recuva program(its not oepn source, but it is free)

    Although I've never used Recuva, I do use CCleaner loads (which from the same company).
    Is the filesystem NTFS or FAT32 filesystem? Do you have any kind of additional filesystem security software, specifically a file shreader on the recycle bin, in which case the file may be gone for good.

    By the way I offer no warranty on any of my advice - you do the above at your own risk!

    background reading here:

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the info - I will pass onto someone who maybe work through what you suggest. I will keep you updated...............thanks again.

    recuva is proggy of this type I've ever used

    How did it go? Have you still got your job?

    Original Poster

    Hi Jazid

    Yes still in employment by the skin of my teeth!! LOL, thankfully, a wonderful person managed to get hold of the PARADOX disk and came over and re-installed the program, everything running smoothly, thank goodness. I will be a little more careful next time.

    I have downloaded Recuva onto a CD just in case I manage to mess up again..

    Thanks again for all the info,
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