Parcel boxes + other postage stuff

Posted 12th Feb 2021
Hi all,

I just started posting a lot of stuff within the UK and kind of lost where to get good deals from for parcel boxes and other stationary stuff. Hope someone can help me with some links, I was looking on Ebay and Amazon but it's so confusing and can't decide what is a good price. I wrote some quantities as well what I'd like to order monthly.
What I am looking for:
Bubble Wrap rolls 1-2 roll
A4 Bubble wrap padded envelope - if you know what I mean 10 - 20 pieces
A5 Bubble wrap padded envelope 10 - 20 pieces
Tape to close parcels - 10 - 12 rolls
Parcel boxes - sizes are estimates, can be smaller/bigger a bit:
Small box - 12cm x 20cm x 7cm 15-20 boxes
Shoe box size 37cm x 27xm x17cm 50+ boxes
Medium box 32cm x 33cm x 34cm 15-20 boxes
A4 plain paper - about 500 sheets / month, found it cheap in Tesco £2.85
A5 sticky see trough envelopes to put documents on parcels

Many thanks in advance.
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