Posted 26th Nov 2022
can anyone help me, when I was waiting for my galaxy buds to arrive the other week the delivery company delivered someone else's parcel to me. I contacted them to let them know and they told me it would be collected the following day and my parcel would be delivered in its place. the guy who delivered my parcel knew nothing so wouldn't take it. I have contacted them two more times and they have said it will be collected the following day yet its still here. what do I do? I don't want to hold on to this thing forever. I'm not sure what to do with it :/
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    You'd have to look up the law but IIRC you have to make reasonable efforts to make it available to the delivery company (or recipient) to pick-up, but if they don't do so then you can dispose of it.

    Reasonable efforts will depend on the context. Several pallets of bricks that you have to climb over to get into your house would be something you couldn't reasonably be expected to put up with for more than a couple of days . A tiny parcel that can sit at the back of a cupboard and not have any impact on you would be something you should probably hang onto for a few months.

    Assuming it's roughly the size of an earbuds package then I'd just stuff it away somewhere and forget about it. You've informed the people in charge of it and if they never get back in contact with you then you can deal with it when you rediscover it in a few years.

    If it still bothers you then you could also send a letter to the recipient's address and inform them.
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    Tell them they have 14 days to collect it from you at a time suitable to you or you will start charging storage costs at £10 per day starting from the date you specify you want it collected. If they miss the collection days you state, start sending them invoices each week.
    Excellent strategy
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    Open it! You'd probably change your mind if there's an iPhone inside
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    Law says you can keep it..
    I'd let them know once and if they don't come I'd keep it.

    Called... Unsolicited goods..You're well within your rights to keep them.

    Nobody but you and the persons mail cares a hoot. So why you worrying.
    I'd open and if someone's ashes or similar I'd make steps to return, but other than that smile and wave.
    I'm not entirely sure that these goods would be considered unsolicited as they are correctly addressed to someone else. More of a case of mistaken delivery, which doesn't give the OP any rights over the property.
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    Yeah 😁 they turned up the following day
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    subscribing - because I’m curious to know if it was a bomb
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    But, did you get the Galaxy buds,
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    Obvious question, but does the intended recipient live near to you?
    No they don't, weirdly the parcel isn't even for my town, he got it really wrong. If it was close I would have just dropped it off
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    Couldn't you open it and see if there is an invoice which usually have the customer name and address.
    The name and address is on the parcel its for someone in a town 40 miles away
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    How did you even get the parcel? Did you not check the name on it soon as you received it?
    I've had a few times where they've tried to give me parcels with the wrong address, only people a few doors from each other.
    Iceland knocked on my delivery last, I said to the guy I don't even shop at Iceland! Ended up being the wrong address
    The guy literally threw it at me, took a pic of me grabbing it and jumped in his van and drove off, by the time I looked at it he was gone, I was expecting a parcel that morning so I assumed it was mine
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    Which company delivered it? Do they have a store collection point near you. Take it there.
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    It’s Christmas. Just post it into the person, you’ll be doing them a favour. You can mention you’ve done that or just bask in the warm feeling of knowing you’ve done a good deed. It’s nice to be nice
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    If anyone's interested.....having waited a month since it was delivered to me, I took a peek inside and it turns out it was a tub of fish food in the parcel
    Cod almighty - all that Huss about a tub of fish food. Anyway you haddock good look and at least it's not going to explode as someone suggested. Just stop Carping about it get your Skates on and send the poor person a letter saying you have it. Eel no doubt be very happy to know where it is.
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