Found 12th May 2007
Do they delivery on Saturday's?

I've ordered something from and it was despatched yesterday. I've tracked the parcel online and it's ParcelForce 24 which suggested 24 hour delivery.

So... is it going to come today? Do they delivery Saturdays?!

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I think so? From what I remember they do

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That's what I thought... you'd think they would?

From looking online I can see the package is at my local depot, which is frustrating because it's here, but not 'here' if you see what I mean...

Grrrr... stupid Parcel Force.

They do deliever Saturdays but I believe it costs more to do so.


Yes & No. If it was sent by standard Parcelforce 24 it will arrive on Monday. If they paid double the going rate for a Parcelforce 24 Saturday delivery (highly unlikely) then Parcelforce will deliver on a Saturday as they have a limited service.

So, i wouldn't wait in. :thumbsup:

They always manage to knock the moment you're in the shower anyway

It's not called Parcel Farce for nothing....

The thing I like about them though is the depot is literally 20 mins walk away. With a 3rd party courier it's usually ages away if you have to collect it (due to them coming the times you're not in)

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That's the crappy thing though... my package is at the depot. I know the address, it's a 10 minute drive. I phoned them and they are shut. Great. If they are going to receive it at the depot at 6:35am Saturday morning, why can't they bring the bloody thing round here!!! Stupid...


Out of interest, what did you order? Anything nice?

It always happens on the things you free the whole day to use

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PS3... Sweet.

Got a new TV as well now. Bring on the high-def gaming and blu-ray sex. Nice.

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Not literally... *ahem



Not literally... *ahem

lol. Well not long to go, this time tomorrow it will be all set up. :thumbsup:

Did you know that 24 or 48 hr delivery is in working hours not clock hours??

if you really want it just pick it up from your local depot.
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