Posted 14th Dec 2022 (Posted 3 h, 23 m ago)
I order a dress from ASOS on Saturday, and I was those that the parcel will be delivered on the 14th of December 2022, but EVRI put it on they tracking update that the parcel was delivered on Monday in front of my door with a picture. I can't find the parcel in front of my door or my porch. Please I need my parcel ASAP. I have event on Saturday.

Thank you
Tina Anyenu Brown
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    I have been calling EVRI, no human response , only machine
    You need to speak to ASOS to advise them you haven’t received the parcel. They are who your contract is with and they booked evri to deliver it to you. No point in you trying evri.
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    If door isnt open then it wasnt delivered. Just claim and then order another.
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    You are highly unlikely to get your dress by Saturday if it has been taken or left at an incorrect location. ASOS have a very rigid complaints process that can take some time to resolve. You may also find that, in complaining, your account with ASOS gets cancelled which would mean that you cannot order anything from them.

    My advice would be to order the dress again and have it delivered to a shop/parcel locker, then start the Claims process which will likely result in a claim with a retail ombudsman.
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    Does the photo clearly show your door or could it have been taken outside a neighbour's door?
    No door number was shown, just side of the door (edited)
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    More than likely not going to get it by Saturday
    Would speak to ASOS and see what they say

    As above does the picture look anything like your front or side of door
    I will be grateful if you can get in touch with ASOS.

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    No direct contact to ASOS.
    I think you may be confused, this site just tells you about deals, you click into a link and it takes you to a site and you buy from there. You have to go through the company you bought from, there is no other option, no one on here can help you further. Their contact details will be on their website.
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    The delivery drivers are in that much of a rush that some will just leave your parcel on the door step, knock on the door and rush off, Amazon is the worse and it's a nightmare explaining to cs when they insist it's been handed over to you. Your point of call is with ASOS as they booked evri and have a contract with them.
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    Thank you so much, I have been Searching for contact number for ASOS
    Try this … 0207 756 1000 
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    It's simply ASOS problem and they have to deal with Evri. If they don't replace it I would do a chargeback with the credit card company asap.
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