Parcel Monkey...decent price postage for parcels.

    I was searching for an inexpensive way to post a PS2 + 14 games +2 controllers + all leads (quite heavy!) I found the cheapest way was through Cost is £6.90 with delivery between 3-4 days.Just thought I'd pass it on as I found it via MSE site.


    Nice one, I may use these soon. The Royal Mail posties are putting themselves out of a job with their strikes . . .

    there was a thread about these guys last night.

    Still prefer tbh.

    i usually use parel 2 go but may take a look at these, thanks!


    The thread from yesterday.

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    ] … ] thread from yesterday.

    I can never seem to find anything when I search for it...doh! Hope this thread helps those who didn't see yesterday's either . I (stupidly) never looked into sending by courier before...I always thought Royal Mail would be the best way to do it but now they've shut down my local PO I have to drive, pay to park, walk a fair way and get charged MORE for the trouble! I'm well pleased with £6.90 for this delivery and they collect from my house. Looks like I may ebay more stuff now


    From £3.99


    Consider: [url][/url]From £3.99

    ooh thats good fo smaller items-trackable too:thumbsup:

    used parcelmonkey the other day for the first time, not bad for the price and £50 insurance as standard. item was delivered next day as well...quidco didnt track though :-(

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    Consider: [url][/url]From £3.99

    They would have been more expensive for my parcel but great for smaller ones

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    I forgot to mention Quidco!

    i use this one and they havent once let me down (parcel2go however even let me down when they apologised with free deliveries!)


    Consider: [url][/url]From £3.99

    Was considering selling some stuff on ebay and whilst researching cheap couriers ealier today, I came across this:…mes
    The bad reviews kind off put me off them.

    I also saw a post on here saying that you could get a quid back from Parcel Monkey if you use quidco.

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    Ok, I'm well impressed with Parcel Monkey. My parcel got collected yesterday and delivered today. All for £6.90! My ebay buyer is well happy too as I said it'd be 3-4 days

    Three cheers for Parcel Monkey. Ordered via Quidco (£1 back per parcel) and FedEx collected parcels and all were delivered for next day. At £6.90 (2kg) cheaper than RM and if registered can claim back VAT. As we have 10+ parcels a week they have offered us FREE next day delivery. Orders tracked, SMS sent when delivered and insured. Another RM customer lost.
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