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Parcel not delivered and company refusing refund.

Posted 13th Feb 2013
My girlfriend ordered some gym clothes from jd sports last weekend and everything went smoothly until I checked the tracking on Tuesday and it states it was delivered on the Monday at 11AM however we had no parcel from jd sports all day.

We then rang jd sports who stated that Hermes had delivered the parcel to a house opposite however they have received no parcel and we are friends with them so they wouldn't keep any parcels. We also received no attempted delivery note and someone was at home all day.

We told jd sports this however they say they cannot send new stuff out or refund the money until they get proof of our signatures. This makes no sense to us as they didn't even "deliver" the parcel to our address.

Is there anything I can do? We asked to speak to a manager but they said they don't do that, apparently it's policy.

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It is a tricky one. They must have taken a signature upon delivering the item to which ever address it was dropped off at. They by regulation should also take a name. Since it is not your name or signature, it is JDs responsibility to make sure the items were delivered to YOU.

Also, If you paid by credit card or PayPal, you can dispute this. It is much more tricky with a debit card.
Cheers for the reply. I don't know who's signature they have but they do have one. My neighbour took in my new microwave today and I asked again if his wife may have taken it in but he said they don't have it.

Paid by debit card unfortunately. It's annoying as my girlfriend wants her new gym clothes/shoes and we can't afford to be buying the same stuff again until payday. I honestly thought the company had to deliver what you buy to your address as that is what you sign up for.:(
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You need to write to their Head Office outlining your case and demanding proof of who signed for it. Secondly if it was tracked you should have been given a tracking number that should allow you to access Hermes site and see who signed for it. Thirdly some debit card issuers will protect you but not all so it is worth contacting your bank to see what their policy is.
Hi I've got a tracking number but unfortunately it doesn't show who signed for it or show a signature. It just states 'signature from customer'. I'll get onto the bank and head office tomorrow. I just hoped there was an act I could quote that covers this. Can't see this being delt with quickly.

Quite annoyed by how JD Sports are handling it considering when a courier company used by Amazon put something in my sisters recycling bin on the bins collection day, Amazon sent a new parcel ASAP. Thought JD would have a decent customer service like that.
Might be worth looking at this


Since your contract is with the supplier you could threaten to sue them in the small claims court. Most companies suddenly become much more amenable when you threaten this! They would have to prove that you did receive the goods
Email the CEO barry.bown@jdplc.com
JDSport are technically handling the possible loss of the package correctly, through investigating the courier and the signature. It could be simply a clerical error on the courier system. Unfortunately it's now a waiting game, and following procedure. Inform the company of loss (JDSports) and request they chase up Hermes on your behalf, ascertain the terms and conditions of courier (Hermes) to find out the time before the package is formally classified as lost. Only then with the correct information should you proceed to the next stages, but only if the company fails to be amenable (JD Sports and possibly Hermes) and the alloted waiting time completed.

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Hermes are terrible for just leaving parcels. They have so many private people with cars out delivering they have lost control. These people only get paid when they deliver a parcel so they will leave it anywhere. I had the same problem with 2 Thorntons hampers just before Christmas, i was in all day as i knew they were coming but they didn't arrive, when i checked the tracking it said delivered. I phoned Thorntons who said they had been delivered and i explained that was all fine and well but i didn't have them, they apologised and sent out replacements for next day delivery with no other hassle. About a week later my neighbour turned up with the originals which he had found in his recycling bin, he had been on holiday for a week came back and found my parcels in his bin.

Just keep on at JDSports as it is there problem you didn't get them it's as simple as that. My husband is a courier for DPD and even if a customer says leave it it still leaves him open as if they don't get it for what ever reason the company claims DPD. So JDSports will have to take it up with Hermes but JDSports arn't playing fair as they should have refunded/replaced you straight away.
what a joke. herpes drop it off willy nilly and now you have to hang around with no cash
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