parcel storage

    I am sure there are people who do this but i cant seem to find it via google (maybe i am wording it wrong)

    the way it works is your items say from ebay for example get delivered and are signed for and looked after by x company and then you pick it up @ a time that suits you,

    my local post office offers the service but you need to have a weird username on all packages, and you no for a fact most ebayers would just leave that bit off and your stuffed lol

    any ideas ??

    leaving with a family member is no good as none are 100% always going to be in


    i think companies like kangaroo storage have this facility

    Original Poster

    think they only based on scotland m8, but thanks rep left

    ah, sorry about that - cheers for the rep though :-D

    a PO BOX?

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    yea was the 1st thing that came into my head, but i was told 90% of people and online firms will not ship to a po box

    fair enough

    Send them to can have back anything i don't like. :-D
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