just about to book a collection with these who i believe use DHL

    just before i do anyone give me some quick feedback?
    anyone used these, they any good?


    Edit: someone recommend me a good cheap reliable courier!



    Unless they have improved over the past couple of years I wouldn't touch them.
    Missed collections, deliveries, and a nightmare if something gets lost or damaged.

    I've used these before and they were spot on, I would certainly use them again. (Use the link on their home page for an extra 10% off for sticking a logo in one of your ebay ads too)

    why dont you use payperdrop theyve started again?

    Original Poster

    i saw a thread saying they are taking money but not providing a service? big SCAM word was also used lol

    try balloonandgift on ebay great service from them and they came recomended to me too!

    Parcel2Go are OK 95% of the time, but if you want total reliabilty and excellent customere service then take a look at , we use them all the time for sending worldwide and have no complaints

    no that thread was a long time ago because they had changed service by now they are new so they should be fine i think but parcel2go is good for reliabilty.

    I use parcel2go alot, brilliant service.

    I have also used them on numerous occasions, and cannot fault them.

    Lets face it you get what you pay for. Those saying the service aint very good what do you expect for £5-£6. You pay your money you take your chances.



    Lets face it you get what you pay for. Those saying the service aint very … Lets face it you get what you pay for. Those saying the service aint very good what do you expect for £5-£6. You pay your money you take your chances.

    Well I expect a service that I pay for

    Not (this happened to me)

    Arrange a collection
    Didn't show
    Arranged another
    Didn't show
    Arranged another
    Showed 2 days late when I wasn't in.

    P2G wouldn't refund me as I wasn't in for the collection, when I pointed out I wasn't waiting in 2 days extra in case they decided to show up they told me 'well you lost your money by not waiting in'.

    Did a chargeback in the end.

    If they can't provide the service for the price they pay then why bother offering it?

    EDIT: quick google shows they haven't changed…tml…207

    PARCEL2GO are fine, but once they've lost your parcel, they are no longer your best friend. TWO of my parcels were lost with them, and they refused my claim because I did not email them all my documents. Although NOT ONCE they told me to. They had said that I should send it to them via post. It was only until I rang them, they informed me about this email address that I was supposed to send it to. They take their time with responding to emails, and their instant chat people are extremely useless!

    If you are looking for a cheap and effective service then Parcel2Go are the way to go. But be assured that if they lose your parcel they will not be helpful.

    Anyone that has experienced the same problem, Contact me!

    I am currently using parcel2go and i am having nothing but problems! I had one parcel sitting around for 2 weeks before they finally picked it up and after re-booking collection over and over again. The deliveries are also late. I even lost one of my clients business because he recieved 3 late deliveries in a row and i have also been having to compensate clients from my own pocket for the late deliveries and when i asked parcel2go what they were going to do about this, their reply was that they would update a late collection of mine to next day service " at no extra cost to me" wow how generous they are! I am now looking to use an alternative courier company......

    Parcel2go, DHL & Yodel are all cowboys

    Parcel2Go are a joke and con-merchants!
    They failed on five separate occasions to collect a parcel - which they never did collect. I had to send it Parcel Force in the end.
    Parcel2Go are as dilatory at refunding money as they are at collecting parcels! Two weeks later and money still not arrived.

    I was paid for service delivery, they never did collect. I had to send it DHL in the end.
    Parcel2Go are as dilatory at refunding money as they are at collecting parcels! Now is Two weeks and money still not arrived.They play only with email's and Like my and yours money.
    Some one say Missed collections, deliveries, and a nightmare if something gets lost or damaged with parcel2go,is if is nice , if something wrong you lose your money and couple of weeks stress.
    DON'T USE THEM!! Avoid!!!

    Anyone else find it amusing that these people are signing up to berate parcel2go, then disappearing?

    Hello there,

    I’m hoping someone can help me regarding a company named Parcel2Go (P2G)

    A parcel containing a laptop, monitor screen, and a few cables was sent from Surrey UK using P2G on the 4th September 2013. The delivery SLA was the 9th September 2013. Destination Lanzarote.

    Copies of passport documents and customs forms were present at the time of collection (for customs purposes) and copies of the passports were sent to the P2G admin team that day as well.

    The passport documents were then re-requested by P2G and sent to them (AGAIN) well before before their cut-off time.

    On the 9th September the parcel had not arrived. No delivery attempt was made. The parcel never even made it out of main land Spain!

    Since the 9th September a call (or more than one per day) has been made to the “customer support” department at P2G – so that’s a total of 14 days (excludes Sundays) we have called them continuously to be fobbed off every time. Calls and emails promised back have never happened.

    Around the 19th September Fedex were contacted out of sheer frustration for having no info from P2G (Fedex were the other courier company receiving the goods from P2G in mainland Spain to deliver to Lanzarote).

    FEDEX advised on the 21st September that the parcel would be returned to the UK. This is because the passport paperwork was received from P2G 3 days outside of the cut-off time, so it had not even attempted to go through customs. We were cc'd into these emails proving these details.

    What is most frustrating about this is that the parcel was over £100 to send. P2G have then not delivered the package, or had the decency to return any calls / emails and at their fault for providing the required documents nearly 3 days AFTER the customs / Fedex cut-off time.

    The parcel then arrived back with us in the UK at about 9.30am Monday 23rd September. The airport sticker was showing transit back to stanstead at 8pm on the 21st September.

    I’m not sure how we can get a refund for this appalling service. Which is ridiculous - very day since the 9th P2G have promised a call / email back NONE of these have ever happened. Sorry - apart form an email advising WE DID NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THE RETURN COSTS TO THE UK!!

    We called Monday 23rd asking to speak to a manager, or anyone of authority only to be told (quite rudely) there is no manager prepared to take the call and its 3 weeks to send a complaint in via the post only!!!!!!!

    I put a direct complaint on their FB wall after this call on Monday 23rd this is not something I have ever had to do to a company before (we were thinking there has to be SOMEONE who works there that is actually is bothered about how appalling they have been throughout the last few weeks, or a manager SOMEWHERE who cares about their reputation)

    Their response said a call back would happen on Monday 23rd - at 4.55pm – no call. So I added to the FB complaint, to be told it would now be Tuesday (thanks for letting us know!) We should have known no one would call!

    At 11pm Tuesday 24th still no call or email all day. I added another comment and currently “they were expecting us to receive a call yesterday and will get right on it”

    At this point we have no idea how to get a refund, the payment was made by debit card – let alone the items have now had to be sent by a friend travelling out, at an additional cost for baggage on the plane! And the items are going to be more than 3 weeks late.

    I just can’t believe they have no management structure in place to deal with a complaint that is approaching the 3 week mark, with no contact made to us apart from their comments back on their FaceBook wall – which is obviously to show the world they are “responding” - when in fact behind the scenes no response is or has been made to resolve this issue, or to refund the £100 they have taken but not provided a service for.

    I would appreciate help / advice on how to get the £100 paid for nothing but 3 weeks worth of frustration refunded.

    I have read the SOGA but cant seem to get anyone to action anything at Parcel2Go, even a call back! – its becoming very stressful and frustrating.

    Parcel2go is parcel to lose. First time, last time to me and my friends and family. Terrible experience!!
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