Parcel2go Claim Problem

    Has anyone else had a successful insurance claim with parcel2go?

    I sent an item with parcel2go (DHL) and it arrived broken, I paid for insurance and its taking ages to be processed, has anyone been in a similar situation?


    read a few similar stories on ebay community boards,the majority never did get anything back in return

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    I will persue, but at the end of the day iv learnt never to use them again.

    Not with parcel2go but another mob like them using DHL, I had a hell of a time, I had to take DHL to court and then use the bailiffs to collect my money. My advise try trading standards but DHL will say your case is with the person who placed the order with them.

    dont let it go on this long.............

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    Certainly avoid at all costs. This company has a habit of losing parcels (just google their name and have a look). They've lost one of mine worth a LOT of money and have so far taken 5 months to get - well, nowhere. Apparently as a carrier/part of/customer of DHL, they're blaming one, eachother and even me. Wrong paperwork, haven't got the paperwork, never heard of me - you name the excuse, They've tried to use it.
    This isn't a lone problem as you will see from these other reviews. Use Parcelforce instead. As bad as you might think they are, they're infinitely better for you and your parcel.
    The service I've received from apparently supervisors and managers was no better than the call centre staff and certainly of no help, and I've had to resort to taking matters to the Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards. I just hope they can get it sorted out.
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