Parcel2Go Collection - How to cancel?

Found 5th Apr 2010
Booked a courier to collect on Tuesday... Want to cancel, and then re-book (possibly) in the next couple of weeks. Paid via PayPal.

How the heck do I cancel the courier? Can I even... trawled through their pages and googled answer, but to no avail. I expect they will be closed on Monday ..and courier is booked for Tuesday.

Can the order be cancelled- and how? Does it incur a surcharge?
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wait until 9 and see if there is any live help, they tell you the telephone opening hours but don't give the number which is a bit stupid

live chat appears to be working now, before it just asked you to leave a message.
cheers dataload, you're a star. got my refunds and all sorted.
repped for help.
ooh crikey- not repped just yet..but will do when you're 'back':whistling::w00t:

As Quality Controller here at Parcel2go I thought I'd let you know you can contact us on live help seven days a week from 9am to 11pm, I can also be contacted anytime on quality@parcel2go.com anytime with feedback, questions or problems that you may have.

Did you manage to get this cancelled if not can you forward me the details on the above address?

I look forward to hearing from you.
George Iveson
Quality Controller

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