I ordered a delivery service via this company last night, and payed via paypal. When going through the system it informed me that it would be picked up tomorrow, is this the norm with this sort of company? Do you get a day window for them to pcik up the parcel? or will they phone me in the morning and let me know a rough time? There will be someone in the house tomorrow except for the school run times.
    Any advice? All I have is an email address for them and can't imagne them answeing that in a hurry.


    Yes its normal to get a 'day slot'.
    i used a courier recently and when i was emailed the labels to attach to the package the 'time of collection' was booked for 10:00-15:00. although i had a problem as they never turned up to collect until 19:00 the following day.
    check on any documentation you may have been given to see if there is any mention of 'times'

    I'm pretty sure I used these to ship a parcel to Ireland.
    I went through the order process, submitted payment and within 10 minutes the courier was on my doorstep picking up the parcel!
    The following day I had an e-mail from Ireland (Eire) to tell me the parcel had arrived.

    I am lucky because my Dad will wait in for me if I'm expecting parcels or workmen so I don't need to worry about that kind of thing.
    I wasn't given a time slot by the couriers and did not receive a call so maybe you could ask a neighbour to hand it over and leave a note on your door.

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    I haven't really got a problem as the missus is off tomorrow, just the school run 0830-0915 is the problem as I'll be home by 1430 tomorrow (as it's POETS day). Just sods law they'll turn up at the time my missus is out. May look at leaving it iwth a neighbour. No documentation from them, just my paypal receipt.
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