Parcelforce, a parcel stolen or lost, what's your take on it?

Posted 7th Jan 2018

Q: Would you like your parcels stolen from Parcelforce's
depot by there staff ?

A: Obviously not but this has happened and as a customer you
get brushed aside and fobbed off

I sent an expensive Apple imac computer via Parcelforce 24hr
and dropped the parcel off at their depot on 22/11/2017.

To my amazement there scanning machine wasn't working the
lady said and left it with them anyway.

Five days later the customer informs me that he still hasn't
received the imac and I chased it up with his tracking details. To my shocking
horror it's not even on Parcelforce's website and I'm thinking what's going
here. I booked it in for 24hr delivery and it's not even on their system. Went
to the depot the next day and the lady recognized me dropping the Apple imac
off and she tried looking for it but couldn’t find it anywhere there. She
informed me that she'll look into it and get back to me. Rang the depot the
next day and Jack the manager took charge of the incident and informed me he'll
investigate what's happened and get back to me. Two days later I rang again and
he said that he's found it in the Coventry lost and found dept. I gave him the
model number and what it looked like and said it was mine. I was finally happy
and Jack informed that the customer will be receiving it very soon. I rang
every day and week later on Tuesday was informed by Jack that my customer
should receive it by Thursday, 8 days after they found it. Okay but something
just didn't feel right here, why does a 24hr parcel which they found take so
long to be delivered?

I rang on late Thursday, the day of delivery and to my
SHOCKING HORROR, Jack informed me that the imac was claimed by somebody else
before me with the right serial number and informed me to take it up with the intermediary
company I booked it through and don't want to know anything about it.

I asked why it's taken over 7 days to inform me that it's
not mine and someone else has claimed it?

He could not answer me, and said just go to the company I
booked it through and if you have insurance you'll get your money back
otherwise tough luck.

Insurance was £130 to send a parcel 24hr. My home insurance
is cheaper than sending any parcel through them. Told him this is not the last
you've heard of this and something is not right at your depot and taking it up
with there head office.

This was 30th Nov now.

Rang customer services and spoke to Ikram there and told him
what's going on and got the usual answer, we'll look into it and get back to
you, very pleasant guy though. Rang the next day and the same answer and rang
on Mon, guess what, got the same answer but on Tuesday they've informed me that
it's gone to the so called Director's office now and they'll get in touch with
me soon and they don't have a number I can contact them on. Okay, thinking
hopefully something will be done now.

Rang customer services every other day and got the same
answer. We'll be in touch and the director's office don't have a contact

Finally lost my bottle and they got me through to someone in
the so called Director's office.

Lynn Gawthorpe was looking over this now and we're on the
14th Dec now. Told her what's happened and she's investigating this and was
going to get back to me.

My main argument to Lynn is that a parcel in any national
courier company is trackable but mine was not even on their system and if it
was scanned, it's in the system and you can find out where it's gone. But
anything not scanned has gone in the back of someone's car or van and in their
home by one of their employees. Nothing else can be explained and I want to
know anything different.

The answer I finally got from Lynn on the 27th Dec was we've
passed it on to our internal investigations team and will be passing everything
through to the intermediary company I booked it through and I'll have to
contact them. Also adding if you have insurance then your covered but I told
her that the insurance will only cover for lost and damaged, this is clearly
theft by one of their employees from the depot, and it doesn't cover for that,
it's completely clear cut.

She finally ended telling me that she's willing to payout
£100 for the way Jack informed me and not for the computer being stolen.

I told her that it's nowhere near what I sold it for and
what it's been sold for at Apple.

Told her will get back to her when I've spoken and taken
advice from a Solicitor.

Solicitor friend has advise me to report it to the police in
the first instance as it's

stolen from there depot by one of their employees.

Now to ask what PF have done of the investigations and have
a duty of care to their customers as to their parcels.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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