Parcelforce getting beyond a joke!

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Found 16th Sep 2008
Getting really annoyed with them now, sent a parcel about 2 months ago now, it didn't turn up, according to their tracking it just didn't get delivered. So I chased them up and they agreed that it was lost and the tracking changed to lost. So I put in a claim for the value of the item and they said I'd have my money within 30 days. I then refunded the buyer as he hadn't received anything and if he'd put in a dispute he'd have got his money back anyway.

Chased Parcelforce up on my cheque a few weeks later only to be told they hadn't even typed it on to the computer yet, takes about 3 weeks to do that apparently! Told that as soon as that's done they can get my cheque to me.

Chased them again to be told they'd got the details on the system now but they'd need to do a driver interview before they could send me the money.

Chased them again as they'd done that and still no cheque, then the excuse was that they've got to write to the buyer and see if he's received it, even though they're the ones who told me that it's lost!

So the buyer told them he didn't receive it, so I chased up to see where my cheque was, this time the excuse is that the depot have to authorize the refund which could take another few days!

Getting totally beyond a joke, they have stopped replying to my e-mails now, they promise replies within 2 days but it's been over 2 weeks now and no reply to about 5 e-mails.

Phoned them to see where my reply was and they just hung up on me, phoned back to speak to the manager and they spoke to the person who hung up on me and they said that they thought that I hung up. I asked why they didn't check to see if I was there before hanging up. They obviously had no idea as they hung up on me as they didn't want to deal with the query, not because they thought I wasn't there.

They've promised a reply by the end of today to tell me when my cheque is going to arrive but I doubt they'll bother. They even blamed it on me for refunding the buyer, what was I supposed to do, hold on to his money for 2 months while they mess about?

Rant over!

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Wanna stop spamming the boards with your whining rants?

Do you feel better now you typed all that?

How rude can you two be? Your replies are disgraceful.

eeeees funny.

vote pedro

Well nice to see they are doing just as well and explains why I have avoid them for many years where ever possible. Back in January of 2002 one of my Swedish suppliers sent me about £3000 worth of electronics through a local company who passed it on to ParcelForce for delivery.

There was a mistake on my address through when my supplier's European database program did not have space for British Postal Codes without one letter going off the screen meaning that instead of putting ME16 xxx he put E16 xxx and so ParcelForce totally ignoring my Maidstone address sent it off to East London.

So once in East London they spotted the mistake and dispatched it on to my local depot... but it never arrived. The manager I spoke to said that it was recorded leaving one depot by not arriving at the next and despite a search they never found it.

Although my supplier eventually got a refund from the local insurance company then I lost faith in ParceForce due to their inability to care for valuable shipments and to have five boxes the size of a fridge/freezer with my address on every one of them go missing forever more.

I think your case is worse though. Maybe you should look up the HM Money Claim service to seek HM Court Services action. Just pointing out you know how to take them to court tends to work wonders on people owing you money. A court judgement against them never looks good either. Never bother with debt collection agencies... a total waste of time and money.

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Finally got them to agree to get me my cheque sent out, apparently it has to get sent to them from a different office as it's not feasible to have a cheque printer in their office. Also from the office where they print the cheque they are unable to send it to me for some unknown reason so I have to wait for it to be sent round the country a couple of times before I'll receive it. I may one day receive my cheque from them!



Wanna stop spamming the boards with your whining rants?

wanna stop replying with dismissive unconstructive comments. Its not big and it certainly aint clever! :whistling:

MUPPET! :roll:

omg how rude were the initial replies! thats so wrong.

good luck in getting ur money back benjimoron and sorry that u didnt get the support u should have

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wanna stop replying with dismissive unconstructive comments. Its not big … wanna stop replying with dismissive unconstructive comments. Its not big and it certainly aint clever! :whistling:MUPPET! :roll:

lol, I do post alot of stuff like this though. I don't expect anyone to take any particular notice but if you were thinking about using a company and wanted to do some research then it's nice to be able to see other people's experiences with companies.

Seems I'm having particularly bad luck with a certain company at the moment!!

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omg how rude were the initial replies! thats so wrong.good luck in … omg how rude were the initial replies! thats so wrong.good luck in getting ur money back benjimoron and sorry that u didnt get the support u should have


This is why I feel we should have a serious misc and a chat misc forum. Most people use this for chat (nothing wrong with that) but it means the serious elements either get lost or interfere with people's chats.

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Just found out that they've lost another parcel, so I've got to go through all this again!!!!!

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Amazing what happens when you start raising your voice with these people. Have spoken to a manager who actually gives a toss about the customer, have been promised a phone call to keep me updated as to how they're getting on with finding my parcel and what they're doing about getting me my cheque for the loss. So far have received 2 e-mails keeping me updated and a phone call with a promise of another call to let me know the result of the search on the second depot. Why couldn't they just do that in the first place??

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Did a bit of a test to see what was going on with my e-mails. I sent Parcelforce 3 e-mails, one for my first parcel, one for the second parcel and one from a second account with a general enquiry. No suprises but they responded to the general enquiry from a different e-mail account. They responded to the enquiry about the second parcel but they haven't responded about the first parcel. Which proves to me that they're receiving my e-mails but choosing not to respond about that parcel for some reason. 3 and a half weeks without a reply about it now.
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