Parcelforce - John lewis - Is it worth it?

Found 9th May 2007
Well this is kinda regarding the john lewis thing. I ordered choccies from john lewis for free using the code thing, and they honoured my order

But now the problem...the chocs were delivered today - but not to me :?

I can track it via parcel force - and it says it was delivered and it also gives name and signature, so i know its not me or anyone my family. I also know its not either of my 2 neighbours.

So do you think its worth chasing it up - after all it was free anyway, but someone could be eating my chocs right now :w00t:

Would parcelforce do anything?
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cant you just ask your neighbours?
Yeah done that, its not them
oh yeah sorry lol, mis - read the op
If it was addressed to you i dont see how come its been delivered to someone else.Unless its some else on your street
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