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I sent a parcel with ParcelForce, and it was collected on the 14th of December 2006. The delivery I chose International Global Priority within 3 days.

I've checked their tracking system online, and it says that it left the UK on the 21st of DEcember 2006, 7 DAYS LATER than I sent it, so already its gone over their guaranteed 3 days service.

Its now the 27th of December 2006, a day shy of two weeks. I checked the tracking again just now and its still showing as it left the origin country on 21.12.06.

I feel bad for the person thats meant to be getting it as it was presumably a Christmas present, too late for that now!

What can I do now? I've contacted them and they havent replied now. Been 5 days now. Will I be able to get all or some of my shipping costs back ? as it cost £45 to send it


Don't bother emailing them, they take 2 weeks to reply. Call them:

08708 501150

Steve - aka dinostevus, gave me a number for someone fairly high up in Parcelforce when I last had a problem. She sorted it out in minutes. It might be worth sending him a pm.

Alternatively go to and type in the above number. You will be on hold for ages if you ring - better to do it on a landline number or even freephone if you can get one. There are loads of alternatives for Parcelforce listed.

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But, two minutes after I posted this thread, I got a reply, weird.

Heres what it said:

'Thanks for using our web site.

This item left the UK on 21/12 and is currently in transit.

Your parcel was posted after the recommended last posting date of 12/12 and
was despatched as soon as operationally possible but sadly a delivery
priory to Christmas would not have been possible due to the item being'

Surely there must be something that I can get back?

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Anyone got any advice?

They didn't provide the service contracted for.. if they said they'd deliver in three days guaruntee and they didn't they breached a contractual agreement with them. Put it in writing you want a written apology, a refund, and compensation to the value of say £50 to cover your loss. Perhaps somewhat cheeky but don't ask don't get.
Don't settle for less than a full refund if they didnt warn you it wouldn't get there, unless of course you missed a notice on their website or something that the guaruntee did not apply after last posting?

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^When I placed the collection online, it any no point mentioned that there was any last posting date.

Worth writing then though they could easily say you just missed it.. v difficult to disprove.
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