Parcelforce the worst delivery company ever.

Found 13th Nov 2007
Ok, I ordered a product from, it was dispatched on friday. Its been stuck in the same depot for 4 days and still no delivery. What the hell is going on, heres the status

Date Time Location Tracking Event
12-11-2007 20:17 Liverpool South Depot Automatic redelivery
12-11-2007 20:17 Liverpool South Depot Returned to depot
10-11-2007 06:05 Liverpool South Depot Arrived at delivery depot
10-11-2007 00:36 Scanned at Hub

Ive been in the house for 4 days waiting for it, i havent recieved one of the notes saying i wasnt in.
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Maybe phone them & ask?
Its is only the 13th and the last activity was yesterday
I rang and the guy was kinda suprised, its a 24 hour service they sent it by. So they could have delivered on saturday or monday but no nothing. Seriously if my 300 quid item goes missing am gonna go on a rampage
Can't be as bad as Shcity Link...
well it hasnt been sat there for four days, it left and got returned, so its been somewhere:giggle:
what i dont understand is how can an item leave a depot and be returned if it wasnt even moved? Anyone know how package consoles, or do they send it out as it.
It was dispatched on Friday,so arrived at the depot Saturday,so the earliest you could expect it was yesterday!:?

Why have you waited 4 days for it to be delivered?
I've been waiting for my Orange contract to end for months, finally yesterday I ordered my shiny new Nokia N95 from three, due for delivery today. My missus left the house at 9.05am and I returned to the house at 10.12am, parcel force attempted to deliver at 10.04am. I am desparate to have a go with my shiny new toy!

I am sure they wait for you to leave the house round the corner, then when they see you leave along they come with their card.

I've been down to the sorting office in person, the van driver doesn't return until after 2pm, aaaarrrggghhhh, so frustrating

Can't be as bad as Shcity Link...

my thoughts exactly. i hate those useless fools.
city link aint that bad, they actually been on time for me
The ONLY delivery problems i have had, were all down to city link. They just don't deliver, they stole my tv, and they dont care.
On one occasion I was tracking my order via the city link website, and was told it had been delivered. But it wasn't here, no note through the door even. So I rang up city link, after waiting about 20 mins I was told that the delivery guy had delivered it to a neighbour, but couldn't remember which one, I tried both houses either side and it wasn't there, I had to knock on every door on the street only to find it was delivered about 5 doors down.

What a joke!

tip: if your order has been delivered and you can't find it, don't ring up, just hunt it down for yourself, it's much easier.
OMFG they lost my PS3, now my account says there packing another one for me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Civic EG6

OMFG they lost my PS3, now my account says there packing another … OMFG they lost my PS3, now my account says there packing another one for me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

lol. i feel for you, but i love that gif.
Just look at the state of these reviews…/1/

Why carnt just use city link or home delivery service.
Home delivery service in my area is amazing. its the same guy and he is very reliable. nearly always has a treat in his pocket for my dog
Civic EG6

OMFG they lost my PS3, now my account says there packing another … OMFG they lost my PS3, now my account says there packing another one for me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I guess one of the parcelforce employees kids is getting a PS3 for christmas then... :giggle:

Atleast they're sending you another one though

nearly always has a treat in his pocket.

:w00t: :giggle:

:w00t: :giggle:

lol. i forgot to add my dog to the end. edited now tho. :oops:
:lol: :giggle:
Mayb Youll Get 2 Ps3s! Merry Christmass!
yes that would be great, then i would weld them together and use it as an engine for my car
Royal Mail are the worst delivery company, end of story. Parcelforce or whatever. I'm starting to wonder if a RM service even exists anymore.
I've been waiting 24days for an item I bought off of eBay, sent 1st class recorded delivery. I gave up on it on Friday and asked for another item, which was dispatched on Saturday morning by 1st class recorded delivery.
Tuesday has arrived and I havn't recieved that item yet either.
I'm getting really effing annoyed now :x :x

On the subject of Home Delivery Service, I have had nothing but speedy deliveries from them. Absolutely top notch service, and recommended to all retailers. Not one of RM's services are worth the muck on my shoes.
they don't call it Parcel Farce without good reason
Rents were gonna order my ps3 from play. glad they didnt now.
I agree, Parcel force are very poor.
Its funny. I use parcelforce 24 for a lot of the packages I sned out and they turn up and deliver exactly on time. I have never had a problem with them.

TNT on the other hand have had my OSX Leopard now for 2 weeks, have told me that they have tried to deliver numerous times (when they havent) told me that it was g'teed for delivery on certain days, when it wasn't, and then had the guile to tell me that it was lost.

Now they my friends are the worst courier I have had the mispleasure to have used.
Civic EG6

Just look at the state of these … Just look at the state of these reviews carnt just use city link or home delivery service.

Personally I would have said City Link were just as bad, I've had terrible experiences with them.

About 3 months ago I ordered about £1000 worth of computer parts from eBuyer (who use City Link). I specified a day I would like City Link to deliver, book time off work especially, and they no-show. According to the driver in his delivery notes, he turned up but noone was home.

So, I arranged a redelivery, and had to even get my dad to come to my house to await it because I couldn't book any more time off of work. That day, the City Link van arrived, the man knocked on the door, walked back to his van (which my dad assumed was to get the parcels) and drove off. He waited at the door a few seconds before going back to the van and driving off, despite the fact that my dad had opened the door and was able to watch it drive away.

So then, I have to collect the packages from a depot (which is about a 50 mile drive from where I live) only to find out that the depot closes at 11am on a Saturday.

I wouldn't use City Link again, even if someone paid me. After reading several review sites today for City Link, ParcelForce and others, it makes me wonder, is there any half-decent courier services out there?
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