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Parcelforce Tracking

Posted 18th Aug 2013
Hi there guys,

I am getting a laptop sent to me with Parcelforce Express 24, which was sent on Friday.

When I go to track it, the parcelforce site says:

"We are currently unable to confirm that status of your parcel. Please check the number and try again. Please note that items sent over 4 months ago cannot be tracked online. If you are tracking a parcel sent from outside of the UK, we may not have received it yet. Please try again or use the help button below."

Is this normal? The person I bought it from said that the guy in the Post Office said it was guaranteed for Monday delivery but it doesn't seem to have even registered on the system, yet alone moved anywhere since Friday.

Has anyone else had this sort of issue and what was the eventual outcome?

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The system is working ok, just checked and a parcel which is on the way to me, shows they are currently processing and what delivery depot its at. The number should be two letters followed by nine numbers and then two letters i.e. ht123456789gb

The URL for tracking is a post office url as below and not the parcelforce site.


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Thanks, my tracking number has 4 letters, 7 numbers and then 2 letters (GB). I saw somewhere that it's meant to be by parcelforce on behalf of Royal Mail or something like that.
I don't think the Royal Mail tracking system is a live one, I think after the item has been received you can look at the details but it's not like the couriers sites where they tell you which depot it's at or if it's on the van for delivery, hope this helps

Waycash has it - I've received items and sent them by Parcelforce and it usually doesn't update until a short time after it's delivered to the door. Then it will show the details.

The tracking number is normally 2 letters and then 7 numbers

This is the details from my last delivery.

Parcel detailThe status of the parcel you've enquired about is displayed … Parcel detailThe status of the parcel you've enquired about is displayed below.Part of consignment UE#######Parcel No PBUE##########Service Express 24 SecureStatus DeliveredSigned for by A Person View proof of delivery (this is clickable)Delivered on 15-06-2013Delivered at 10:12

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one of the guys at work received an item delivered by dpd on friday and it was not on the system to even say that it had been delivered.

sometimes items just dont get tracked as well as we want them, you should still get this on monday.
The tracking came online this afternoon at 16:16.

Turns out it was only collected at the post office at 16:18 today according to the tracking number! It was sent on Friday with Express 24!

Stupid Parcelforce!

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