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Parcelmonkey contact number?

Posted 8th Feb 2011
Does anyone know any contact number for parcel monkey?
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Update: If you’re looking for the Parcel Monkey Telephone Number, then please bare with us as we’re in the middle of an important update to the site’s systems. After which then we’ll be able to offer a more effective communication option. In the meantime, please note that all telephone numbers are down as we’re working hard to find a solution.

doesnt look like it. poor show
Yeah.. its pretty rubbish thought someone might have something! thanks anyway.
pay peanuts.......
Try this 01794 341 295
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Try this


pay peanuts.......

Because £20 was peanuts for a service elseware @ £8.. I used them because i'd had good experiences before. but thanks for your input.
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At Parcel Monkey we do our best keep our prices the lowest in the UK. … At Parcel Monkey we do our best keep our prices the lowest in the UK. This means we need to save money where we can to pass on the savings. For this reason we do not have a telephone call centre - you cannot call us directly. Although we do have an FAQ section that should answer virtually every question you may have.Telephone SupportIn some cases, your enquiry would be best handled by speaking to the carrier directly (for rebooking missed collections or checking tracking status). All you need to do is click the green telephone icon next to your orders when you've logged in.Parcel Monkey Support CentreYou can contact Parcel Monkey using our online support system. We have a dedicated team of customer service agents ready to answer any queries and take care of any problems. Simply submit a support ticket.

Best you can do is to e-mail them.
Parcel Monkey - utterly useless, incompetent, pathetic. Made a complete mess of a parcel I sent to France: it was returned to the sender's address. They couldn't even distinguish between "sender" and "addressee"! No refund. Parcel arrived 10 days late. Tracking-system a farce. They deliberately have no telephone number or e-mail and pretend this is due to a website overhaul - a complete lie to make it impossible for you to contact them. This so-called company should be fined and forced to stop trading. A bunch of cowboys.
Be carefull using this service quick to accept payment booking ,slow to collect and deliver goods.That why they are cheap ,they get more complaint than British Rail can"t understand why people still use this company
Yes there tracking system is crap there telling you parcel is at desination when infact its not even at sorting depot ,dont think I will be useing them again
they are imcompotent and idiotic company DO NOT USE!!! this number sometimes works 02030516748
try to get in tuch with parcelmonkey by phone you stand more chance getting in tuch with the queen:(very quick to take your order but thats as far as it goes. the transport people would not even speak about my delivery and thay wer the ones that picked it up from my home,thay said get in tuch with parcelmonkey.???????????????back to same spot.the tracking numbers are a joke tell me i have a pickup that was 4 day ago.so there is no up dates .there udate is get in tuch to the reciver of the goods sent
I have just received this from them, they made no attempt to collect both days, they say that they have, i even have emails stating that, stay away from them they are a nightmare

Please be advised that we received an advice from City Link that there were attempts of collection for all of these parcels however the goods were not ready to be collected . As there was an attempt to collect, there will be a £5+vat surcharge. We can refund the amount for each parcel as shown below:

PM_1112002_1599139- £4.18
PM_1112002_1599144- £2.99
PM_1112002_1599146- £4.18
PM_1114426_1602631- £4.18

Should you want to proceed with the cancellation and refund , kindly confirm.

Best regards,

Thursday 15th November 2012 at 16:55
I just received a photocopier the other day, they dropped it and it smashed the glass.
Photocopiers are restricted items but only for international deliveries.
I purchased additional insurance just incase
Now they are saying they wont pay my claim because item comes under "Glass/Any Item With Glass Components".
I have told them they have moved the goalpost because of the claim - photocopiers are allowed.
They have offered to refund me the insurance premium only.

I am now taking them to the small claims court. I Will NEVER use them again.

They still don't have a telephone number after more than 2 years - this should tell you all you need to know.
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Never again
Monkey company RUN by monkeys
Not even the courier companies they use like them
STAY WELL AWAY or be disappointed
TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!! City link damaged my parcel,told me to phone parcel monkey....whats the number then??? person at city link..."oh I can't find one but you will have to phone them" Parcel monkey and city link >.< DISGUSTING!!!
seems like they are operating with 1 member of staff ' Irianne ' and because of this they are incomprehensibly useless. she takes 2 days to respond to tickets replying that its passed the deadline to rebook do i want the next day , you reply straight away 'yes' the two days later she replies its too late do iwant the next day !!!!!! FOUR times she did this !!!! im starting to think she is a little monkey sat there in some cage (obviously without a phone) taking the p*$£ !

Parcel Monkey support / customer help........ doesn't exist. I just booked a consignment to go to Norway, but after paying I am unable to complete the customs invoice form due to information they request doesn't physically exist.... I know need to cancel the parcel collection and get a refund.... looks like my £50.00 has gone down the drain.
Anyone know what their contact telephone number is ??
They delivered a parcel with signature that they had not even collected pretty impressive NOT Idiots
DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY. I have waited in for three days running to get my parcel collected by a courier. The only way to contact PM is via support ticket or post, No phone - says it all. My Christmas gifts will not be delivered in time now and there will be some disappointed children at the other end.

What I found is that when I opened the support ticket, I was answered in the middle of the night and a new consignment number given. The unfortunate thing is that the new consignment is lodged too late for the courier to collect next day, so you end up waiting another day again.
I paid for 24 hour delivery which was meant to be picked up on Wed and delivered on Thurs. Its now Friday, I have three different courier consignment numbers and my parcel has still not been collected !!!!

Why oh why didn't I just pay the extra and drop it off at the post office, or pay less and drop it off at My local MyHermes parcel shop. At least I wouldn't have spent three days pulling my hair out aimlessly waiting for the collection and being given the runaround by the courier and Parcel Monkey

The strange this is, I used PM twice, earlier this year without a problem...is it just because its getting close to Christmas.
Can this company be sued for the Utterly useless service? if yes, how?
Been waiting over a week now for them to collect my parcel on their supposed "Next day collection 24 hour" service. The only way you can contact them is via a ticketing system which has given me a week's worth of robot responses so far and nothing else. Complete con. I'm likely going to receive negative feedback on ebay now simply for trusting these incompetent swine to do the job you pay them for.

These cowboys should be forced to close because they are incompetent to a man! Do not use this company they are absolute rubbish and your package is more than likely to be lost!

Quick to take your money but absolutely no customer support and pathetic communication, AVOID.....AVOID....AVOID
I bought their 'drop at post office' Parcelforce Worldwide service, I took this heavy box to the post office who then wouldn't take it as they couldn't recognise the barcode from the shipping label Parcelmonkey gave me to print out. I took the box to work (struggle) and found the telephone contact PM give is Parcelforce. Called Parcelforce and they say I had to call Parcel Monkey to get a valid delivery number issued. Contacted parcelmonkey via their form. They haven't answered and the shipping date is now missed.
I'm not sure what to say, but problems do happen to best of companies, but you determine whether the company is good or bad by the way they deal with the problems. I have booked a next day delivery with Parcel Monkey on the 18th December...... The product still has not been delivered....it is the 5th of March now 2014!My customer has tried to contact the company to arrange a re-delivery of the product, but was unsuccessful. She in desperation has contacted myself- the retailer who has booked the delivery in December- in hope I might be able to help. I thought... no problem... will contact the company... there is a green button with a phone number to call in case of required help. I did call that number only to be told by unhelpful personnel that this is a wrong number to call. They hung up on me few times, eventually by calling them repeatedly , they gave me another phone number to call. I did try it, however that phone number does not reply, and after some time of ringing it, it just disconnects.I have also filled in a query form online received a "ticket", however up to nobody has sent me an appology or an acknowledgement from the company that someone is working on my problem ..... to find the missing product or to advise of the next step to resolve the situation.
Make up your own minds as to whether this company is good or bad.
they are fraud
parcel monkey is rubbish
parcel monkey and there friends DX are a total shower, parcel not collected on day arranged, parcel advised at a weight meaning two man handling, instead they send one man, no sack barrow and he proceeds to roll it end on end along a gravel drive!!!
then they lost it blaming it on the fact the label had come off, which when it arrived it was still well and truly attached to the box!!! sadly the contents of the box which by the time it arrived had both ends of the box completely open had damage to it which when it is a swimming pool liner is a fairly major issue, forms filled in, claim made & still getting farcical questions about the problem


i have a email address for the so called support centre if any

as my parcel was a 24HR NEXTDAY they collected ok but NEVER DELIVERED THE PARCEL
I have just spent over 2 hours trying to get a quote for an international delivery. I have an amount which states " VAT not charged"
Does this mean that Vat will not be charged or that it will be charged later. I cannot get to checkout without committing to a delivery.
I have then found it completely hopeless to contact PM with my query. I just hope someone in PM reads this and contacts me.
I need quotes for USA, Canada & Australia.
THE BIGGEST RUBBISH is PARCEL MONKEY...3 days-still did not collect my parcel...rang to DX-when they will collect my parcel-they dont know anything..no records about my parcel on they system..unbelievable..THE BIGGEST RUBBISH..plz-dont use PARCEL MONKEY...only trouble..nothing more-waist of time,money,nerves...rubbish..
Phone number? You must be joking! The only numbers this company is likely to have must consist of the deluge of complaints they're getting. Package listed as 'collection scheduled' when it was collected last week, tracking number telling you the same, 'my account' unobtainable, client complaining at no delivery, and PM have the nerve to send me a request for feedback! Buyer beware! This company on the basis of my experience of them this last week is quite appalling.
As all have said before to make a complaint is impossible I had a parcel which I booked via them for Parcel Force collected on May 6th
to go to Guernsey there has been no tracking past the 7th and it's not been delivered. I have sent several messages via their support line they did at last reply that they were sending an enquiry to Parcel Force and are waiting for a reply. So I contacted Parcel Force but they won't deal with me because I booked through Parcel Monkey, but what they did say was that no enquiry had been received from them. What kind of company are they with no telephones and only a support line as a way of getting in touch, which they very rarely reply do.
My parcel was urgent needed by a Mum who had just given birth, I'm absolutely disgusted and am now worrying about getting compensation and I've still no idea where the parcel is.
@simplybirth Push them for a refund. You have to keep hassling them but you will get one in the end. I did. Then never use them again.
I have been waiting for my parcel to be collect for two days now and still nobody has turned up meaning that I have had to take two days away from work to ensure collection causing me a loss of £100 per day wages. This is totally unacceptable and the website has no details about complaint, online services to ask for refunds etc.

I thought Royal Mail was bad but I t must be a common trend with parcel couriers, who are totally unreliable. Very poor service and I will not be using these again.
Parcel collected on time. Delivery next day....still waiting. they have tracked it to a van and are now investigating the driver!!!
After several phone calls from City Link I was advised to make a claim...City LInk do not have a phone number for Parcel Monkey...UNBELIEVABLE ..every company has phones. These companies definitely need reporting to Watch Dog.
DO NOT USE EITHER OF THEM. Wish I had read all the previous comments before using them
I can't believe i booked this company before doing a quick google. I am currently on hold with DX.......
Basically i organised a courier to pick up a granite hearth from an ebay seller. Parcel picked up Friday for a next day delivery. It's now Wednesday and still no parcel. I do a track of parcel and it is still in their depot. Called DX and they say it is damaged! How? I asked. A piece of metal has broken??!! Huh? It's a granite hearth. So they tell me to call Parcel Monkey......Hmmmm...that could be a problem! So they have given me another number for DX, So now i have been oh hold for 19 minutes. Not looking forward to the outcome of all this, going on all of your past experiences.
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Wahey!!!!!! I have a number for parcel monkey.....albeit a mobile number, but he's very helpful - 07921977038 (He's called Jason btw)
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I paid for a 1/4 pallet collection. They sent a van with NO tail lift! I am disabled and was expected to help lift the pallet!
You get what you pay for at £68, I got a worse than crap service, which cost me the sale, as she couldnt get it unloaded the other end due to no-one around and again NO tail lift! I have had the item back which has cost me over £440 loss of sale as well as the pallet cost! Thanks a lot! A bunch of incompetent idiots to say the least!
Just a quick update.... Well after speaking with Jason, I received an email asking for more details from a member of his team. I then had another email saying they had located my item 100 miles away from my house and suggested it wasn't packaged correctly and that's why it had been damaged. The same day I received a call from DX to say i had a delivery coming in 10 mins time. The DX driver had my hearth! The only problem was it was shattered in to many pieces He walked straight in to my living room and dumped it on the floor! I asked him what an earth i was going to do with that and he replied 'That any my problem love, it can't stay in my van!' I asked him where his paperwork was for me to sign and he said he'd left it in his van as he couldn't carry it with the parcel On checking on the 'track my parcel' on Parcel Money site, i found out he had forged my signature!
Anyway, I now had my evidence that it was packaged correctly as it had tons of bubble wrap. So i sent a reply to Parcel Monkey explaining that the parcel was not 100 miles away with insufficient packaging, it was in my living room with a ton of bubble wrap.....i then attached pics
To cut a long story short....they have reimbursed me for the cost of the hearth and the shipping charges. Although i had a decent outcome....i will never use PM or DX ever ever again!
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