another day of missery i booked a slot on sunday for my item to be picked for monday(yesterday) no dhl turned up despite waiting all day,so i emailed the guys at parceltree and it took them a day to get back to me and they stated today they have rebooked it for today, so i waited and waited all day today and agin like yestersay no dhl turns up so i rang dhl and they stated there driver should be there before 5;30 and at this time it was 5:10 and still nobody turned up,
    parceltree just emailed me stating they were looking in to the problem and rebooked it for tomorow for another day of fustration i have asked them to refund my money back wich they havent.
    wondering will i be able to claim compensation as ofcourse i have been have to take 2 days and now 3 days off work to sort this mess out.
    has anybody has had same problem latley????
    what is payperparcell like has anybody used them
    i dont think i will be using parceltree as i think there are very slow and customer service is very poor


    Payperparcel are fantastic, well priced too.
    Parcel2go are also very good - get quidco for your first order, and reasonably priced (bit more than payperparcel though).
    Both use DHL.
    You could maybe book with one of them for tomorrow collection and email parceltree cancelling your order, and if necessary make a paypal claim?
    You will probably get no compensation, they will say it's not their fault but DHL and at best get a free delivery.

    could you not just take it down the post office and send it parcelforce 48? I've never had a problem with them.

    i use parcel to go and ive never had a problem

    Sounds more like DHL have a problem with finding your address/have a bad driver. I wouldn't waste another day off work, just do a Paypal dispute and try to get your money back from ParcelTree...and post using a different courier (interparcel let you choose) or royal mail

    bad driver i'd guess. my brother in law works for DHL and so i know they prioritise collections over deliveries, or at least they're supposed to. but the stories he tells :shiver:

    The same has happened to me. On Saturday I booked 9 items to be collected Monday but the driver only had paperwork for 2.
    I e-mailed Parceltree but had no reply. I was away Tuesday daytime but in the evening booked more items for collection today. These items were collected but still no paperwork for the Monday items.
    I’ve e-mailed parceltree again and am awaiting a reply. (a contact telephone number would help)
    I have had the same DHL driver for over two years so you can’t blame him.


    I have the same problem as well with parceltree. Have to spend 3 days waiting. booked and rebook and rebook again. No turn up! no refund! Never sort out the problem. Very very poor customer service. Beware any parcel service run by SHAFI SALAR ENTERPRISES. Have open dispute with Paypal after that have a phone call threaten me that I am a frauder, asking me to close the dispute then he will issue the refund. So I said I do not need to close the dispute with paypal, the dispute will close automaticly after the refund have been sattle. Never recieved the refund till now, no protection from paypal all so. Please please avoid SHAFI SALAR ENTERPRISES, Shafi' Shalar They are now operating through one of their other companies and offer FedEx Message from other forum "paypal are investigating him now, they have all the details of his other companies and it will be going to their fraud dept. as it appears he has a habit of taking payment, shutting site down and opening up another one so a full investigation will be now be held - still don't know if I will get any of my payment back though."
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