Parents, i need help....!

    I'm really struggling what to get my little one for xmas, she will be 10 months so need stuff from 10 mths to just just before 2 years.
    I have no idea, and i know everybody will say, they don't need much, but as it's just me and her for xmas day (hubby fighting wars) sob sob, then i went to get lots! She is quite advanced for her age so any ideas??
    Serious topic....i'm stressed about it! (and cardboard boxes and paper are not a option)



    just lots of little bits, get yaself into the elc


    Money in her trust fund :thumbsup:

    I don't know what it is called but i've got this thing it's like a hippo on wheels but it's back is a seat so your baby can sit on it and you can push them around.

    When they grow out of it and they start to walk or are learning to walk you lift the seat up (it's on a hinge thing) and it turns into a handle which the baby then pushes it around by, to make it more fun though it comes with all these blocks that when you push the hippo over them it "eats" them and then end up where the seat used to be

    That probably makes no sense though and I have no idea where to buy it from but I can find out more for you if you like

    i was like you and still am lol
    am trying t think what i got my lil 1 when she was 10 months....
    how about something like this…539 £15 down from £25 i had the fisher price version to this

    musical instrtuments! helps co-ordination too


    musical instrtuments! helps co-ordination too

    Just don't get one of ]*these :-D [SIZE="1"]*Warning: contains foul language[/SIZE]

    the toys in the peppa pig range are fantastic. they have a house, playground that you can add lots to (see-saw, swings, slide, etc) a camper van and lots more. my friends little girl has a lot of them and my son has LOVED playing with them since he was a baby- he sits for ages with them. i'm going to get him some of them for christmas too coz he still loves playing with them and he's 2. can be kept for years too. in the night garden toys are good too. but i would recommend getting things like playsets. my son has an ark with loads of animals in which he also loves. hope this helps a little :thumbsup:

    Dolls pram? Both my girls loved pushing doll around almost as soon as they could walk. Or maybe a trike thing with a parent handle on the back like this one

    my nephew gonna be just under a year and got him a baby leappad and v smile development system both for 6 months up and will get him interacting better could be worth a look at?

    can get lotsa different cartridges storys/games for both and can be used for a while as they grow up!

    By all means get her lots but it doesn't mean you have to spend lots though, little things like wooden building blocks with letters and numbers on, about £1 in the cheapie shops, touchy feely books, bath toys, try things that you and her can enjoy together just playing on the living room carpet... so no paint, sand, play dough or anything with water is recommended.

    Fisher price sets are great, we have the farm which all of our kids have loved and played with loads, and the dolls house as well, ours have all loved the big little tikes easel as well,

    theres cool chicco toy in asda baby fair im thinking of getting DS, its like a rocker , than turns into a ride on and pusher thing and has straps to strap them in its £40

    Original Poster

    Shes got this ride on... *********…tem
    I never thought of a dolly and pram will have a loving all these ideas Keep them coming

    My LO will be 13 months, i got her a few deals that were posted here earlier on in the year(not that its much help to you now) they were a little rocking bug thingy(like a rocking horse) and a baby walker M&P's

    Original Poster

    Lou loving yours and yours kidcat....will order them. We like having quality time so books etc have got them already

    Cant help you Im afraid as mine are all boys and a lot older but just wanted to say I have seen the piccie of your little one and she is gorgeous, obviously takes after her daddy
    Dont blame you one bit wanting to spoil her rotten while daddy is away, have a very special xmas together x

    little tykes gets my vote, sturdy,solid toys that last, my eldest had loads (being first lol) inc a great rocking boat, it lasted through all 3 of mine, weathered well once it had been left outside, slight discoloured but it was well worth having, even sold for a couple of quid at a boot sale once we were done…de/

    what about this is a wobble toddle ride from early learning my son had one and still uses it now its similar to the others listed above - keep a look out in ELC as they often have it as a 'offer of the week' in the run up to christmas.................good luck:)


    Vsteps baby walker, she'll be ready and love the colours…htm

    aww at that age anything bright, noisy and funny....


    You have to get her a wheelybug, here, but they do sell them elsewhere, just google wheelybug:-…bug

    The craze for us started when my niece got one as a christening present, my then 4½yr old and 8month old loved it so at christmas, Grandma bought each of them one for themselves. They are REALLY well made from solid wood, castor wheels and padded leather upper so very sturdy which is essential with the little ones. They do loads of different animals, cow, mouse, tiger, ladybird, bumble bee and two different sizes. My children are now 3½ and 7½ and they are still as new and still their favourite and most played with toy.

    It's also the only toy that I've said I will put in the loft when they've finished with them (if that ever happens) to save for their children as they're a timeless toy. Subsequently, our friends have bought them for their children as they fell in love with them after playing.

    They are extremely "whizzy" and take loads more weight than they say they can, I'm a regular user of the larger one as they are so much fun.

    Blimey, I wish I was on commission, but seriously they are a great present for a young one as at 10months they probably won't be a whole lot interested in playing with anything else.

    Just edited as found loads at Amazon, link -…738


    Anyone of these…htm
    Teletubbies DVD's and Night Garden DVD's

    speaking from experience it doesn't matter what you buy them at that age because they will be more interested in the wrapping paper and the empty box:-D

    What about any musical instrumetns? Like tamborine, mouth organ, accordian etc.?

    My two both loved anything like that, can't honestly say it kept them QUIET for hours but did keep them entertained!!!

    Hope this helps!

    Foosball Chum;2956937

    Vsteps baby walker, she'll be ready and love the colours … Vsteps baby walker, she'll be ready and love the colours

    We got that our youngest first christmas (9months) and she still plays with it now (2) it a hit with all her friends that come to visit too. The other toy they all fight over is the cosy coupe car, again ours has lasted all our kids and been used loads but still looks good and like it will be still going in another 5 years.

    Just noticed this in Argos,…htm


    Just don't get one of ]*these :-D [SIZE="1"]*Warning: contains foul … Just don't get one of ]*these :-D [SIZE="1"]*Warning: contains foul language[/SIZE]

    you definatley dont want to get 1 of these lmao

    Not cardboard boxes? Not wrapping paper?
    I have no idea then my petal!!
    I have a distant memory of it being the ethos rather than the stuff but that may just be the result of the passage of years. I bet she'd love best giving Chrissie presents from herself to the dogs, by the tree and then talking to her dad on the phone. What do I know??

    Original Poster

    You trying to make me cry missus! No phones allowed bar stools! Got loads of ideas thanks all x
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