Paris by eurostar !!!

Found 23rd Aug 2009
I am planning to go to Paris for first time

Just wonder where I can get cheapest accommodation near the Eurostar stop

and also would be visiting Disney land(again which ticket will be cheaper here) so any hotel or B&B between this would be good

also for travelling between local what type train or bus ticket I need to take (obviously which one will be cheaper)

Any one who visited and knows this can share this?
Thanks a lot
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theres a few good motel/b&b type things near gare du nord, the eurostar station in paris. When i last stayed there like last year it was 45 euro per night for me and my gf, which isnt too bad. only problem is the area around the station is a bit scummy...... you could try out wiki travel for some good, cheap accomodation ideas?
While in Paris, I highly recommend taking a river boat cruise along the seine... its absolutely beautiful, especially in the early evening.
Sorry I couldnt be of more help!
Hi Czar nik
sure will try that
I am planning to take the boat trip too
Just for anybody reading this thread in the future, you wouldn't really want to stay near the Eurostar stop if you can help it. The Eurostar goes to Gare de Norde station and it isn't exactly the safest area of Paris.
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