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    I'd like to go from London to Paris for a couple of days. Either by eurostar or plane is fine, although I wouldve though eurostar is easier. has some good deals with eurostar + hotel but wanted to ask the best way to get over there? I've seen the deals by Travelzoo and Amex but wanted to ask those who have been what the best way to do it is.



    if you live anywhere near London, you can't really fault the Eurostar. City centre to City centre. Much more comfortable than a plane with zero luggage restrictions. Its the only way I travel to Paris now. Tried a flight once to CDG and the hassle getting into town after landing isn't worth it.

    Obviously, if you live outside of London, you have to weigh up the convenience of getting to London vs taking a flight from a local airport.

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    I live right next to heathrow howevevr dont mind travelling into london as on the CDG side will take the same if not more time to get into Paris. Just looking at the most cost effective method to get in there as its a personal trip

    Have you thought about the accomodation there ?

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    Have you thought about the accomodation there ?

    Only from what I have seen in the package deals on
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