Paris - hotels.. best place to stay.. visit...

Going to Paris for a few days in feb and i dont really know where is best to stay..
Anyone been to some decent hotels?.. I'm looking for 4-5 stars - best deal if possible!



I went there this year and stayed at the Hotel Oceana and it wa amazing.
There is a site I use where you get cheaper hotels. PM me if you are interested and I will send you through the passwords etc.

Can recommend the SAS Radisson Hotel in Paris, They are on the outskirts of the city centre but is 10 mins from the city centre via subway (near hotel)

We bought it via ebay and they still advertise there, Seems to be going for around the £250 mark for 4 days.

Be aware though that they do have blackout dates listed. We also had to argue with them for the specific dates we wanted but when we mentioned a complaints letter to HQ they gave us the dates we wanted.

The rates when we went 2 years ago were £179 a night, so a bargain can be had.

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awesome idea. cheers.

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the one thing about the ebay idea is.. no paypal.. which could be a problem..

Easy enough to sign up to paypal.

Would give you a little protection aswell incase you had any issues with them, just don't get carried away with your bidding.

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no i mean the seller doesn't use paypal...

Ahhh, Remember now, yeah they send you a link at the end of the auction with details and your voucher.
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