Found 14th Oct 2006
I know that it's only been running for a couple of weeks but has anyone
tried this service and/or registered with them?
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[SIZE=2]Acc to newspaper reviews, the scheme is going on well [/SIZE]

I hadn't heard of it before.
Useful site though, just registered my parking space, hopefully it'll become a nice little earner.

also, their press section is quite impressive..…php

Has anyone else tried using it?
I think it's a brilliant idea and would like to participate but we live about 6 miles outside the nearest city.

It was a student who thought if it:…701

I hope it's a success, particularly in London.
I just sold my space on it for 170 a month!

I just sold my space on it for 170 a month!Fantastic!

That's great!!

I just sold my space on it for 170 a month!Fantastic!

Wow, that's great!

Does that mean someone can only hire that space for a month at a time?
Yeah, but thats just for me... loads of other people are letting their spaces on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

I just sent the owner of the website an e-mail asking how he's doing with it... will let you know when I get a reply
Anyone else had any success with this?

They've just done a huge redeisng and have been all over the regional and national press.
vinyl that's illegal
suggest you google on what is the best way to stop that.

Interesting concept for a site though, very innovative, nice way to defeat council and NCP their rip off rates

Also I wonder how car insurance would work in such a situation.
I imagine inside the zone (extended zone westward coming soon) the driver would still need to pay it, but considering how extortionate central london pricing is it would still be worth it for them.

As for blocking your drive, you can't park on anyones pavement driveway section as far as I know, look on your councils website etc.
Has anyone else added a space?

I'm currently renting mine out but my contract is up soon...…rk/
i found prking space on in the end ... thats a very good site too but quite dodgy at times !
I've had no problems so far.

What's dodgy about it? I use it to search for local attractions and directions to restaurants too...

I think they have gone overkill on the hotels information though... it does look cool though!

try clicking on a photo link!…ck/
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