anyone used ??

Found 12th May 2010
Just booked a parking space via parkatmyhouse, first time i used it so was asking the person who's property plenty of questions.

I then booked and went to pay but realised i made a mistake, so cancelled so i could re-book but it's not cancelled, i emailed the property owner and asked if he could cancel so i could re-book as i made a mistake but not heard from him.

Who cancels, parkatmyhouse or the owner of the property ?

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Never used it but thanks for the website

looks alright tho..but when i did google it there were a few reviews there which might help..=]
Never heard of it before but it is a genius idea.
Use this one - really good:
Just booked £22.00 at gatwick for 10 days not bad at all (here's hoping :oops:)
I've used parkatmyhouse once, to park in London - when I got there someone was already parked in the slot. As it was I parked on the street next to the drive, for the same price as I paid to park on this guy's drive.

I got my money back, but only after 2 weeks' wait, negative feedback & a stroppy email to the website. will look after you. The company is headed by World Parking and takes customer services very seriously. is a completely free service dedicated to providing great value to all users. It allows its members to rent out parking spaces at a competitive rate, providing customers with time and money savings whilst generating income for the parking space owner. Our members can reserve and pay for a parking space by booking in advance using the unique 'Pay and park' system to ensure parking space reservation, saving time and money. Our members can find Journey partners that take the same journey as them, and share the driving or a taxi for economical travel, saving money and the environment. has been set up by World Parking to assist Councils and Police authorities in alleviating the huge problem of un sociable parking. The authorities mentioned are fully aware of the growing problem with regards to available parking for drivers and have been looking at ways to increase parking availability. Land is at a premium and there is very little room for expansion of existing car parks or the introduction of new parking areas.

In short, is an entirely free platform available for all to use, that wish to advertise parking spaces or garages for use by the general public. The web site has been set up in a way to keep parking costs as affordable as possible for the consumer. Anyone that owns property that is suitable to be used as a parking space can rent it out. charges no fees or commission whatsoever for the service.

Further to environmental initiatives, users of the web site can also find Journey partners that take the same journey as them, and share the driving or a taxi for economical travel, saving money and the environment. The ‘Journey sharing’ platform is set, at the moment, to operate for public individuals. This will allow individual users to contact each other and make arrangements to share their journeys, to and from anywhere they desire. Shortly the company will introduce the corporate journey sharing platform that will be dedicated to the use by corporations, companies and groups only. Each ‘Corporate journey sharing’ area has been built to operate as a stand alone area of the site. The registered corporation, company or group would have sole access to their own dedicated area for their employees/members use only. Both the personal and corporate journey sharing platforms are entirely free of any charges. Please write to us at if you require further details.

We feel that our citizens are now beginning to take our environmental issues seriously and that we as a country are making huge headway towards total public awareness. Now that the public are beginning to understand the urgent need to reduce our collective carbon footprint, it is paramount that we also make them fully aware of the services and facilities available for them to utilise and implement. Our company understands that these services and facilities are required to be delivered in the form of little cost or are entirely free of any charge to the consumer. We feel it is as important to ensure the services and facilities that assist the public reduce their carbon footprint, also benefit the consumer personally and are very easy to employ.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team if you require any further information relating to our company. :thumbsup:
Used it once in South Clapham/Balham and can't fault it at all. Excellent communication with the owner, all exactly as described, car safe and secure, literally yards away from where we were staying with access at any time. Very good price for 24 hour London parking - am just about to book it again.
Yeah I have used it a few times

Have used it as a one off when attending concerts but also booked out a driveway for 8 weeks. My work was temporarily moved whilst being refurbished and out new place only had paid parking. Using parkatmyhouse was a lot cheaper and easier.
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