parking at gatwick best deal

    I am looking for a good parking deal at gatwick Airport in aug 2007, It must be for 2 weeks or even a overnight stay at a hotel with 2 weeks parking included.


    Try looking on Gatwick guest We found it a little cheaper than the bigger hotels.

    Renaissance Aint Bad. Not The Cheapest But A Good Rate For The Hotel.stay Overnight Plus 14 Nights Parking.

    I stayed at comfort inn and parked... - booked through local travel agent.... parking included - not bad......


    I dispensed with the Hotel and used a meet and greet system as this is fantastic when you arrive back from holiday i.e. the car is waiting for you in the drop off area and you just load up your luggage and drive off. Particularly important with kids.
    I booked through (just done a £69 sample quote from 12th April to 26th April) and they used a local Gatwick firm whose website I have subsequently lost but in any case the price remains the same.
    Having previously used Purple Parking for business flights at Heathrow, the difference is the sheer volume of agents Purple Parking has means you can show up at the wrong time and be late and still be fine, with the smaller firms such as this one you really have to be there when you say you will be as otherwise it throws their schedule off and causes a delay in them getting to you when you actually do show up (I was pretty late going out and had to wait around for 20 mins in the departures drop off area but made the flight OK).

    All in all it certainly lesses the stress of manhandling all your luggage on the shuttle bus, cuts down the overall journey time from your house to checkin and I would always use a meet and greet service now.
    btw if you ever need it at Stanstead I also used for meet and greet and they were good also.


    cophall farm - ones weve used for the past couple of years. never any problem and they do accommodation too i believe

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    thanks for your replys will have a look at them all

    [url][/url] are pretty good for both parking and airport hotels with parking.


    You can use tesco clubcard vouchers on a £4 for £1 basis at purple parking. I used £8.50 of tesco vouchers and £2.44 from my credit card to get one weeks parking.

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