Parking at silverstone

    Just wondering anyone that has been to Silverstone for the Grand Prix where is the best place to park other than at the actual track?

    I've seen some listings on ebay that people are selling parking on their land and found a website that the local school offers parking as well



    I am sure they run a park and ride,scheme

    They run a park and ride, but be aware, having been a few times, it will take hours to get away from the track where ever you park

    I get a helicopter ride in , it takes hours to get to m1

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    Thanks for the replies

    One of the lads in work said it took him hours to get home after it. Looking at around a 3 hour drive each way for me then any time on top for delays

    Hi if you got a bike put it in your car drive to service at m1 and ride your bike in that's the best way in and out

    The school does it each year for about a tenner

    Parking is £65 from memory for Silverstone

    Park at Sixfields in Northampton and get the free bus in.


    Park at Sixfields in Northampton and get the free bus in.

    There are also park and rides at towester race course and hinton airfield.

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    I have looked online and says their is a park and ride just off the M41 which is £6 then the free bus to the track. Do these park and rides normally have people at the car parks is it it just basically leave your car and hope nothing happens. Might sound like a daft question

    Its park at your own risk - the same as anywhere.

    never been in one of those queues but took me around 40mins to get from M1 to the track car park on a motorbike so god knows how long from M1 to the track
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