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Posted 14th Oct
Hi. My daughter parks on a college carpark. She has a permit displayed and pays 50p daily on the machine and displays the ticket. She has recieved 4 parking fines of £60 each or £100 if it goes over 2 weeks. She tells me the machine wasn't working on theses dates and no one had tickets displayed. Why all 4 in one go? Do they HAVE to be paid, or can this be disputed successfully? Thanks.
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Of course the tickets can be disputed if there was just the one machine and it was out of order .

However wouldn't the "intelligent" thing have been for the students to have informed the college of this when the machine was first noticed not working ?

I doubt you will have much problem with your appeal as from what you say "no one had tickets displayed " so that must mean hundreds of tickets were sent out most of which will already have been appealed .
Always take a photo of an out of order machine at the time. But if there's another working machine, you must use that instead.
Explain it to the college. The college can get the ticket cancelled if they wish by contacting the parking management company.
Talk to the college, if that doesn’t work then appeal, if that doesn’t work then pay up. The likelihood is that as you have 4 fines they will take you to court if you don’t pay after losing an appeal (if you do). Remember you need to provide evidence of the meter not working unless the company admits it and cancels the fine. I’ve seen wardens now photographing meters when they fine cars to prove the meters were working.
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why 4 in one go?
* the person who sends them out has been off sick
* the machine that prints them has been broken
* sun spots

#Do they HAVE to be paid, or can this be disputed successfully?
* they can be disputed successfully

Citizens Advice dont do themselves any favours in explaining the dispute process but it is all there…ts/
They're not "fines" ffs, They do not have the legal power to fine you.

They're speculative invoices.
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