Parking Fine where the boxes haven't been filled out

    Can you duck out of paying for a parking ticket if the person who gave it hasn't ticked boxes?
    there is a box on the top saying 'Served on [ ]' which is blank, and the next line says 'By Civil enforcement officer [ ] ' and the box is also blank.

    then at the bottom it says that the £70 fine will be reduced by a discount of 50% to £[ ] (box blank again) if its paid within 14 days beginning with the date on which the Notice was served - but that date is blank - see above!
    the date and time of contravention are both filled in but in total 3 boxes are empty.
    What do you think?


    Its not valid then, a parking ticket is classed as a legal document and has to be filled out correctly and accurately to be valid, take it to the Council Offices and have it cancelled. (take a pic of it and a photocopy first though just to keep as back up.)

    Might it be a wind up from a mate?

    Have a look at this site:

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    Good point. The parking ticket was given to a friend of mine today and she's a bit baffled as to what to do, so I said I'd ask some wise people.!:thumbsup:

    I think you'll get away with it, How can it be valid with no date lol, I'd sort it out sooner or later though just in case

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    I'm sending her your wise words as I type...

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    I thought it could be a wind up, but she says she didn't display her permit in a Council Car Park (husband had it in his car).

    My mums been issued with a ticket, She was parked in "Permit Holders Only" But it had marked zones with the signs in the middle saying "Parking Permit Holders Only" However the zone she was parked in had a sign up but it was blank. Could she get away with it?

    She has since applied for a permit

    i think you could get away with it as the warden has failed to do the relevent paper work correctly
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