Found 26th Jul 2007
We are going here to see the Arctic Monkeys on Saturday.
Travelling up from Nottingham by car.
I know there is a lot of parking available right near the ground, but i've been to similar things at other venues and it has taken hours to get out of the car parks afterwards (about 3 hours once)!

So i was wondering if anyone knows the area, and where would be best to park. Idealy somewhere thats going to be safe too!

I'm thinking somewhere just south of the ground (walking distance), maybe a mile or so. but i've never been anywhere up there before!

Any advice appreciated, and rep given of course!

Thanks all


you might be better off parking in the city centre and getting the metro, the old trafford stop is literally spitting distance from the cricket ground, saves the hassle of being sat in the traffic.

failing that once you get near the ground you'll see loads of empty office car parks charging a fiver,

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Thanks, think that part of the metro is closed this weekend!

I'll probably just have to get near there and see what i can find.
Just don't want to leave my car in a dodgy area all day!


The only problem by parking in Town and using the Metro would be trying to get back!

The Trams are minging when trying to get back into Town, so I would avoid!

Might be worth finding somewhere to park in Stretford - maybe the Arndale so further down the A56 towards the Cricket Ground, and then parking there.


Park on the NCP on Water Street. It's not usually as busy as Deansgate and you'll be about a mile away- park up and go straight up onto Mancunian way, take a right and you'll be on Chester Rd and just follow it until you get to LCCC. There is a carpark at gorse hill I think too but it'll be full.

Hi Phil,

What time does this start / end?

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Thanks all!

doors @ 2pm, ends at 10.30pm

juliet - think i may be better parking further out oif the city centre, can see traffic being bad getting there + leaving!

Rep added to all thats posted

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NatD - seems the arndale sretford car park closes an hour after the shops do, so prob no good.
Thanks anyway!

Still taking suggestions!...


Personally I'd park at M50 3WL. It's a massive carpark that is shared by about 6 or 7 restaurants and next to a metrolink station. It is within 10-15minutes walk of the LCCC and is a pretty busy carpark (all day as all the restaurants are open to 12pm or later). I've parked there myself a couple of times and neveer had any problems.

Hope this helps

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[SIZE=2]Thanks for the suggestion Carterman, looking into that.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]You dont have to be a restaurant customer to park there do you? Do you know if there are any time limits?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Many Thanks.[/SIZE]

I'll have a look and see what sign's they have up - I'll be driving past it in a couple of hours. There's probably a time limit of some description but the car park is a communial one for 6 or 7 restaurants (customers and staff for all) so I bet it's not monitiored (especially on Saturday - the busiest day for them).

Just don't park right outside any of the restaurants and wave at the staff shouting 'see you in 8 hours' :thumbsup:

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There are signs in the car park that 'the car park is for use of the customer's of the restaurants and not for people using the metrolink' but no time limits whatsoever. I'd bet my left testicle it's not policed - I've used it myself on a few occasion for several hours and never had any problem. The car park has loads of spaces and is also used by the employee's of the restaurants there.

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Thanks for going to the trouble of checking, looks like a good option then.
unless they police it on match / event days.
Will check it when i get there anyway.

Thanks a lot

No worries I was driving nearby it anyway.

I live about a mile further away from the ground and could let you in to the secure car park here ... but the problem would be retrieving your car at 10:30pm as I won't be in (not to mention trying to get a taxi back after the gig).

If your planning on getting in Manchester early to sort parking or such why don't you bob into one of the places to eat before you go to the LCCC. Then you are a customer - they aren't expensive, upmarket places they are just the American Diner type restaurants. Just an idea

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thanks a lot, good idea!

Make sure you check first - ALL Car Parks in the vicinity (including White City Retail Park) are policed and monitored all the time, especially on match days for Man Utd.

TBH - it might be worth getting to the above Car Park a little earlier, eating at one of the restaurants there and then getting the Metro to OT!

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Its not far to walk is it?

White City is just round the corner. Not to sure where the Car Park Carterman is talking about!

TBH - don't forget, they are used to having 78k people in the area every other week, so I don't think you will have that many problems whether you decide to park!

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Yeh, guess there will be loads of parking anyway!
[SIZE=2]Just really didn't want to be stuck in a car park for hours afterwards.[/SIZE]

theres loads round the war museum and easy access to the M60, even at peak time it only used to take 20 mins to get from the car park to motorway and thats after a united match, , where of course everyone is after getting back to the motorway to head south :lol:
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