Parking in Liverpool Town Centre

    I'll be heading down to Liverpool for the first time by car tomorrow but I'm not sure of the places available to park. Could anyone tell me where the cheapest place to park for nearly a full day, multi storey or otherwise? I wouldn't mind parking outside the city centre if it's only a few minutes' walk.


    park in liverpool 1 at the underground carpark, head towards the docks, outside lane and go down to the really smart car park, you come up right in the centre of the shops


    just find a street in anfield an park it anywhere around there , it will be fine

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    Wow; fast response. Thanks guys!

    Any idea of how much spare change to bring with me though? And do the multi-storeys close at any time?

    Big multistorey car pack between the empire and the train station, one-off charge for saturdays no matter how long you stay, cant remember how much but less than £5 and best we have found. Not far to walk either

    Don't park in Liverpool One it is way too expensive, Anfield is about a half an hour walk from the city centre so ignore that muppet too. If you go by the queens way tunnel theres a car park right next to it, £5 all day.

    id consider just taking the train...... no need to worry about parking then ;-)
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