Parking near City University in London

    Hi all,

    Probably a long shot but can anyone who has exposure to that area tell me if there is parking near by ? I need to go there on a Saturday and by train is not convinient.

    Post code for the place is EC1V 0HB



    Tpye the postcode into google maps and click on stellite lol

    Chance .. Lucky .... Fine thing.
    Its on the borders of congestion zone. Not sure if inside or outside it but that may give you an idea what you are up against

    Sorry just re-read. Dont think congestion charge is operational at weekends so your chances have gone up immediately. They are hot with tow aways in this area though. Nearest tube is Angel. There are many buses that run from there down towards the University.

    why not take a test drive there?
    you can then scope the place out for parking

    Its only a 10 minute walk from Angel station or about 15 minutes from Moorgate.....

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    Thanks folks.

    Think everything is pretty much yellow line around there these days. Meters mainly. Might be worth looking at google maps and choosing satellite option and zoom in. You will be able to get an idea of what the street markings are.

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