Parking near Twickeham Saturday 29 May

    Hi, can anybody recommend anywhere to park near Twickenham on Saturday for the rugby Premiership final?

    We will be approaching ground from Croydon direction and are quite prepared to walk the last couple of miles,

    Never been that way before so not sure what to expect, i.e. whether we can park on road for free or have to use a car park and how much charges are likely to be, if not very practical may decide to go by train instead?


    how long will you actually be at the ground for? i go uni in twickenham and theres a tescos pretty close to the stadium think ur allowed in there for 2 hours

    Original Poster

    will be about 3/4 hours to tesco is probably a no no,

    give it a swerve watch some proper footy on the bbc

    I live in Hounslow, the next town from twickenham and sometimes they allow cars to be parked in The Heathland School's (secondary school) car park for big matches. Ofcourse aslong as it isnt a school day.
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