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Found 10th Dec 2017
Hi all

im fairly new to driving. I would like to buy a rear parking sensor for my car. I've had a look at Amazon/eBay and there seems to be so many options so it's hard to know what's good and what isn't. My budget is £50, would like to have a camera and screen for dash but willing to buy these seperately. Looking for recommendations please.

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I would go for an audible only system - something like this…649

I don't think you need a camera system - audible ones give you everything you need - a beep at 1.2m (4ft), double beep at 0.9m, tripple beep at 0.6m and a continuous tone at 0.3m. An audible only system is also much easier to fit - only need to work in the boot and all the power is taken from the reversing lights. To fit a camera you need to run cables through the car to the dashboard - which can be awkward.

We have 3 cars in the family with different ages of factory fitted sensors - the oldest which is audible only is just as good as the newer visual (not camera) systems.
Don't know what thunderbolt thinks about that..... but i think I'll have one.
Not sure about the quality of this but I ordered this for my daughter yesterday :…34 She's been driving 6 months.

Sat nav, MP5, MP4, MP3 and hands free calling, comes with a rear view camera. I know it's slightly above your budget but considering the extra benefits is it worth considering?

A radio takes 5 minutes to install, not sure how easy the camera will be but I'll have a go.

If you've a bigger space for your radio (a lot of newer cars have space for 100mm slots) then there's all these features for much cheaper.

Edit: A normal radio/ cd player is 55-60mm opening and why I went for the above model (she drives a Fiat Panda)
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