Parking Sensors Deal

    Just bought the wife a new car and looking to invest in some parking sensors to keep it looking new! Looking to pay no more than £200 fitted. Anyone know anywhere with around this price? Cheers.

    3 Comments…928 item is £49.99 half price at halfords says easy fit . Or you can pay £44.99 for fitting.…928 or this one is £199.99 including fitting…928 this one also £199.99 fitted

    various voucher codes on site too if you look too many to list

    Can thoroughly recommend the MetaSR2 reversing sensor.
    Bought one @ £90 a year back.

    Unlike others you don't have to drill large holes in your bumper, (except perhaps a small hole behind number plate to fit wires into boot).
    Very simple to fit. You remove number plate. Screw bracket onto car, using number plate holes.
    Sensors are attached to each end of bracket. Thread wires into boot. Then clip number plate into bracket.
    Attach power wires from system controller onto reversing light & plug buzzer into device.

    2 days after fitting it alerted my wife to a toddler standing behind car. She was in a blind spot & could have been hit but for the warning buzzer.

    If your worried about the front of car probably would be as well to go for bumper implants front & back.
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