Posted 10th Jun 2022 (Posted 11 h, 43 m ago)
Hey all

I got a parking ticket yesterday for when I parked in a McDonald's Carpark a couple of weeks ago. I didn't even realise they had limits for parking etc.

The limit was 90mins. I was in there for 101mins according to their ANPR pictures. So the fine is £100 or £60 if I pay early.

Has anyone had any success with appealing this? The funny part is me and my mate both parked in the Carpark together at the same time. He literally left the Carpark 5 minutes or so before me but he hasn't received a notice.

Ive seen on MoneySavingExpert a number of threads saying do not pay and to just ignore it.

Any input would be great.

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    Pay the fine and stick to the rules. You know your in the wrong
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    Have to ask, what were you doing at McDonald's at 9:45pm that required you to be there for over 100 minutes???
    I assume he's a young lad with a sporty hatchback, that type like to hang around Maccy D's late at night
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    I would in the first instance talk to McDonalds to see if they will be willing to get the charge cancelled. Show them proof if you can that you spent money there, they may turn around and shrug their shoulders but should have an agreement with the parking company to allow them to cancel tickets.
    I wanted to go to the branch and speak to the manager but I've been struck down with covid this week so cant to just yet. I've heard a lot of the managers are not to helpful regardless. I was looking at how to contact mcdonald online. They don't make it easy.
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    Last week I was in Sydenham McDonald’s and it took me 48 minutes to get a quarter pounder, I ordered 3 minutes away on the app.
    Clicked I was there and paid on my phone.
    If I had not kicked up a fuss, So bad the whole restaurant knew about it it would have been over an hours wait.
    The 2 people in front of me wanted refunds as their food had not arrived after an hour.
    Oh no that's terrible, what a terrifying expirience.

    I hope you're doing well now.
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    McDonald's are infamous for this.
    Infamous? It is all contracted to a third party which is supposed to blindly follow the contract. And people have shared examples where the fine has been waived.
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    So you received a fine and covid and your mate got a mcflurry?
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    Whatever you do, don't ignore it, a mate ended up ignoring his ticket from a retail park after reading online to do so, they sent him a few letters demanding payment increasing it each time, then stopped.

    He later found out they stopped because they put a CCJ on his credit report, meaning he going to struggle for credit for an eventual fine of £150, even though he paid it off the day he found out and appealed to the court, who only said they could only label it as satisfied and not remove it for 6 years as it was a factual record of historical events.
    I read they can't put a CCJ but... Thats from the same people who said don't pay it. Ill have to pay it. Its annoying as hell. Im going to be buying a place soon. Can't have this effect my credit history and mortgage elegibility.
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    It is not a FINE. It is a parking charge. You parked over the limit so pay what you owe. It is your responsability to read the notices on display. Your only chance to appeal is if the parking charge notice boards were not clear and visible.
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    Best advice.
    If the sign said FINE FOR PARKING , appeal it as the sign is misleading.
    If I read that, I would park all day
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    If you're over the 14 days you may as well ignore now until or if you get a court summons if they pursue it. They cannot just "put a CCJ" on your credit record, you have to be notified of the court date before. Try a sob story with the manager, ignore the jobsworths on here, they pay for the rest of us.
    ^^^^ Ignore this ludicrous nonsense
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    Lol. It was 9:45pm and I didn't even look out for any signs. I guess I'm in the wrong but a £100 fine for 11minutes?
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    We’re you there with a disabled friend who had an episode, thus taking you over the time limit ????.
    My friends disabled child had a melt down and they had to stay over the time limit, they appealed and gave a very brief description of what happened and added a picture of the blue badge. They cancelled the ticket.
    I got a ticket for 2 mins over In a council bay ( disabled bay at that ) out side the council office.
    While waiting to be seen in the council office. They were 2 hours behind.
    I got it cancelled as partly their fault and the fact that a very needed toilet break made us late.
    A disabled toilet break can take 20 mins.
    No he's not disabled...I could say the ice cream made me feel sick... And I needed time to pull myself together lol.

    Thing is I was sitting in my mates car. I then got out of his car to get into mine. So they will probably see I look perfectly normal.

    I still can't believe he didn't get a ticket. He only left a maximum of 5 mins before me which is still over the limit.
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    More than 90 min in McDonald's?
    Must be a slow eater.
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    I believe under regs there has to be a 15 min window before a fine can be issued.
    Either way maccies aren't at a loss for you parking there late at night for 10 min over, let alone to the tune of £60/100.

    Speak to the manager and get it waived. They usually have a direct line to the relevant dept at the management company.
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    Could I say I only received the notice today? This would be the 15th day since the incident. Yesterday would have been the 14th day. I seem to have read you need to reciebe it within 14 days. I'm clutching at straws now...
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    If you were in America, and one of you contracted an STI whilst sitting in the car, you could try and claim about £5 million off the insurance
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    Pay it and move on...or face increased debt.
    It bites, but they know the legal don't.
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    Just go in to Macdonalds and tell them you was having a catch up in there with a friend you haven't seen a long time, they'll contact the company for you and cancel it.
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    Pay the charge and never go to a McD again.
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    1. Go into the McDs and explain the situation. They can cancel ticket there and then.
    2. They having you a penalty charge notice, this is not a Council PCN, those are to be challenged and respected. These are to be completely ignored. The likely hood of them chasing you for the money through higher means are next to none (LBC) itll cost them too much for little gain. 7 years they got to chase.
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    Unless your initials are BJ, you know the right thing you should do. I am not really that surprised by those on here who act and behave just like BJ.
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