Parking Ticket Question?

    I like to go work in my car but only done so once, paid for two hours at 4:40pm when I only needed 1 and a half hours, machine didn't give me change.

    I got to get to work at 5pm so I'm just wondering if I've found a parking spot at 4:45pm and paid a ticket for 1 hour which would last to 5:45pm, after 6pm it's free. Is it possible to get a parking ticket if a traffic warden appeared after 6pm and noticed my ticket was only valid until 5:45pm or is it too late for them to slap me with a ticket?


    i bet they would just write the ticket as 5:59

    that sounds about right ^

    If restrictions end at 6pm then wardens/attendants won't be able to issue any tickets. Before this time they would be able to so you'd had an iffy 15 minute wait hoping to avoid them. I wouldn't fancy your chances there.

    What if the warden turns up at 17:46?

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    What if the warden turns up at 17:46?

    Then I've got a problem

    Some people at work park there and pay an hour all the time.

    Its not worth it..They pay the Wardens commission. I once parked in Camberwell Londonand when I got out of the car a traffic warden hid behind a tree thinking I was going away without a ticket. I went to the machine and saw hiw getting his book out ready to get me..I smiled and told him to go somewhere and went on my way...BTW it was £3.70 and hour

    I doubt it would stand up if they did, you just have to say you went away and came back after 6.


    The wardens in our car park usually do a sweep just before 4pm when the car parking restrictions cease to apply. You see them filling out loads just before 4pm. I wouldn't risk it just pay the extra 50p or so

    how much is it for the extra hour ? id rather pay the 80p or what ever the hourly charge is than have the hastle of a fine and trying to get out of it
    where i live they would defo ticket you its as if they watch for you pulling in and jump out from no where ha

    If I was a traffic warden i'd be going to that spot at about 17:55 to catch the people hoping to sneak past the cut off :thumbsup:

    Or you could just park at the local supermarket, the private parking companies have no legal right to give you a ticket there, although they try to.

    does anyone know the commisson these people are on, because i was informed it was commisson based, if it's good money, i'd take the abuse, as i know all the 'hot spots' in my area

    If the parking warden could prove you'd parked all the time and not gone away - to get the sarnies you forgot, say - and come back later, after 6. Otherwise he'd have a pretty hard time.
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