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Long story, I will try to condense it.

I paid to park at the Milton Keynes train station for 1 week at a cost of £42. Whilst waiting for my train there was a points failure. With no ETA on our train; and a connection to catch that we couldn't miss; we drove to Luton to get on another line. We then paid for another weeks worth of parking (the car park was operated by the same company).
After our Holiday I wrote to the car park operator and asked for a refund. Here was the reply.

Good morning,

Thanks for getting in touch.

In order for us to issue a refund to customers we require them to contact us within 2 hours of making the booking.

Unfortunately, as you haven’t done this we won’t be issuing you a refund.

Please bear this in mind for future bookings.

Can somebody advice me on what I should do next? I can't understand how this is legal?


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As it’s not the fault of the car park operator you can’t get on your train.
It’s not really their fault you need to drive to and park at another station.

Legally I doubt they did anything wrong,
As you paid to park at Milton Keynes and not at Luton.
I won’t expect I can use the same ticket to park at different roads/car park of a city/town council

But I think they should refund you as a courtesy to a customer for what happened with your train
Have you read the terms and conditions? It will say in there
Your claim is with the Train operating company ( as it was their fault ) who should reimburse you if it falls within their T&Cs . They should reimburse you as their train was late , then they will in turn claim it back off Network Rail (the infra structure operator ) . That's how it works these days - your claim is against the company whose train ticket you have .
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their wording is really snotty
Yes, I would appeal to the train company and see if they will do the honorary thing. However they don't have to
What do you expect from parking companies. They are the scum of the Earth
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