Parma ham

I bought some parma ham from the supermarket but its been in the fridge for about two weeks now unopened and past the use by date.

This stuff doesnt go moudly right as its cured?


eat it

your bum will tell you i a few days if it was safe or not lol

Original Poster

I bought two packs and after finishing the first pack dont feel like eating another pack. Might keep it unopened in the fridge for a couple more weeks.


eat ityour bum will tell you i a few days if it was safe or not lol

+ 1 :thumbsup:

and your belly/bowel will spasm.... just before the point you retch :w00t:


freeze it

blend it, turn it into a smoothy

Should be fine, did the same thing myself a couple of weeks ago.

well.. i bought cheese and it went mouldy in its airtight wrapping well before the expiry was nasty asda own brand though..

..prefer lidls.
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