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Found 18th Aug 2017
2768021-NgFKn.jpgCan anyone give me some advice
I had my hall and room parquet floor sanded and sealed the other month and when it was finished I noticed there were marks on there that were not there prior to the sanding.
I contacted the company and he came and inspected the floor and said " I will re sand the floor and seal it again Don't pay me until your happy with the job"
He returned to do it again but this time when he filled in some gaps with filler this has stained the wood around the gap plus the floor has a rough finish not smooth.
He has emailed me the invoice but I've sent him photos of the stains and told him about the finish and I have also emailed him 3 times asking what can be done and hes not replying.

What can I do now?
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That is a poor job - the filler is not a good match at all for the wood and has been applied poorly.

I'm afraid the only solution is that it needs to be done again! The filler stains will most likely sand off but the filled holes will need digging out. You can use the dust from sanding mixed with a filler or a pva glue to give a good match - but many brands of a broad range of wood coloured fillers exist, Unika being one.

This time it needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing - sorry to say but it appears whoever has done the floor for you doesn't!

As to the rough finish it suggests a fine enough grade of sandpaper has not been used for the final sanding or the floor not sufficiently hoovered prior to varnishing/sealing.

I would express serious concern with whoever you've used over their competence and be very wary of giving them another go! If he doesn't reply send him another email saying that due to his non response you are going to have to employ someone else to remedy the problems he has created, giving him say a weeks notice to respond.
PTibbets2 h, 14 m ago

I doubt he used the filler & its probably is preexistent

You may be right but I doubt it - the smudge marks would not be caused by the sander - the filler would sand to dust and be vacuumed off. I suggest the filler marks are from where he has knifed it into the holes as they are very local to each filling.

"Don't be too hard on him!" That is a shocking job - no decent professional would leave a finish like that (twice!).
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The filler was applied by him so its not existing. It wont take any more machine sanding. These gaps were caused by the sanding of the floor. I won't name him but he is a "professional" and he was recommended by someone who had used him. Its the fact that hes ignoring me that's annoying me.
In a former life I was a french polisher and done a fair few floors in my time. I would would say send him an email telling him you give him 30 days to fix the problem and if he does not you'll get someone else to fix it and take the cost from his payment. After 30 days if no reply, get a French polisher out to smooth the floor, fill in what needs filling still and colour the filler that's already there. Then they can apply a thin clear coat to the shine you desire. If you are local to West MIdlands look up Hawthorns they'll do a good job.
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