Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit

    My Mum bought a second hand car which has a nifty looking parrot bluetooth kit in it, all seems to be working turns on lights up etc...

    However we can't seem to pair up her mobile to it, it asks for a pin number which we don't have as the dealer couldn't pass it on, is there a way to re-set it or is there a standard pin number?

    Help would be appreciated



    try 0000 or 1111 usual bluetooth defaults

    edit: scratch that its probably 1234

    ps. pairing pins are not changeable.

    Also try 1234, its usually a standard number but can vary depending on make/model.

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    Yep tried both of those, as well as 9999 and 1234…des

    Have a look there and choose the model that you think yours is.

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    Don't know if this is any … Don't know if this is any good

    That looks very good, will have a go tommorrow, thanks all of you for the help :-D

    Try feeding the poor thing, pets require nourishment. Perhaps some exercise would be nice, as it must be awful stiff being cooped up in the car all the time

    i got a parrott, my one comes up with the pin on the screen! Go through to settings and do a search for bluetooth devices, it will then come up on the screen with the pin (thats if you got a parrott with a display screen), if not i'll do a search on mine when i finish work and see if what pin comes up, i will post it on here.
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