Parrot Shops????

    Hay all hope you can help me but i want to get a Parrot and i am looking for shops that sell live stock does any 1 know of any i live in Bridlington Eastyorkshire i have been to Hull there is 2 places there but the secection aint that good

    Hope you can help me Chris


    Sorry, I really don't want to be preaching here. But please be careful when choosing to buy a parrot. They are such intelligent creatures and aren't that easy to care for. If you defintiely want one, make sure you use a breeder who has bred them in captivity, not taken as very young birds from the wild. I know parrots are fantastic birds, and I have had them in the past (in my teens) so I don't want to sound holier than thou..I do understand the attraction. Now I know better and would never ever buy one again (or any other bird for that matter). I loved my parrots, and I thought I did what was best for them. Looking back, I know that spending most of their time in a cage (no matter how large) and even the lots of attention they got from me, correct diet etc etc... I was doing them a great disservice. Perhaps a rescue parrot, at least I would know I didn't take any part in it being taken from the wild.

    You should go direct to a Breeder via the Parrot society or ask on the birdkeepers forum .There are sales where you can buy direct from breeders Newark 15th feb, Stafford 8th March. There has been a scam by someone in a white van selling of free ad sites so be careful on those, he delivers to your door. Good luck in your search

    i was going to say the same dont buy from a pet shop unless it was hand reared (and you know where he came from) if i was you i would try to buy of a breeder i am only saying this as i bought my grey 12 years ago from a pet shop (lovely bird) but unfortunatly he was a wild bird (i did not no this at the time otherwise i would not have bought him) he was hard work screaming all the time (he hated men) i was lucky my bird was healthy others were unlucky some birds died

    i still have him he is a lovely bird part of the family but it is a shame he should be wild
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