part exchange astra petrol car for diesel car

    We going to exchange our vaxhall astra club petrol this week for a diesel car, ours is worth about £2000.Missus wants PEUGEOT 307 2.0 HDi 110 GLX 5dr [AC] Diesel , that she has seen.I looked on whatcar and fuel expensive is roughly 60% better on the peugeot which is a hell of a lot to us over a year as car is used constant.We have been looking to change for a while but we need a reliable car for work and family for the miles we do. I like the stilo, maybe focus , golf ( would be an old one though i guess) she likes the peugeot. We have another £2000 to add on if need be to the trade.I basically want to find the most reliable yet also decent looking car in our price range cause we will be keeping the next car for a while after this purchase.Dont want one prone to trouble and faults etc..Thanks


    Diesel does not always mean cheaper,

    Prices of fuel is now a joke aswell 1.20p for Diesel

    Im only getting 25mpg around town but can get 42 on a run make sure you search a fan forum or similar to find relastic values of town and motorway offical figures are a joke

    I have that Peugeot. Needs particulate filter replacement at around 60,00 miles. Very expensive repair. If it's done anywhere near that mileage and hasn't had the filter replaced be prepared for a £500+ bill anytime soon. Apart from that mine has always been absolutely reliable, no other major breakdowns, always starts first time and I find it economical (but I do a lot of motorway driving).

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    Thats what whatcar quote ours as at the moment 25mpg around town where as peugeot is quoted as 40.9 maybe not entirely true but has some massive difference even with 10% extra on price of diesel.What car you have harmzz

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    One she was looking at was 74000 on clock so maybe its touch and go whether that has been addressed thanks for pointing that out mate

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    So many cars around £4000 look really nice can still get nice looking alloys etc but we are not that clued up on cars so just dont want to buy one we wont regret

    Ive got a 2 year old 525D m sports auto, but for a car that size 25mpg around town is fair enought still dissapoting i would of expected better for diesel
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