Part time business on Ebay - finding suppliers/dropshippers advice?

Found 16th Jul 2014
I'm really considering starting a small part time business (outside of my current retail job) on Ebay, however being completely new to all of this I'm not 100% sure where to start.

Do any of you have any experience in this field, and maybe give a few suggestions on how I can find a reputable supplier/dropshipper suitable for myself?

Many thanks!
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Dropshipping is now almost dead due to the fact that most of Ebay is full of Chinese sellers who sell at prices less than you can get wholesale or dropshipped.

Unless you can find a great product and get your supplier to ship it direct to your customer then you are going to struggle.

My best advice is to look into what you enjoy doing as a hobby and see if you can make a business around that.
a good way to start would be selling some of your own unwanted things,clothing,games etc..see if you can be bothered with the running to the post office on a regular basis and all the messiness of wrapping items etc...i used to sell on Ebay every week,but i got fed up with the running about...and what NEtech says about the dropshipping is true too...there are forums on ebay and some really good knowledge helpers on them too..good luck with it.
I am currently drop shipping on ebay, I sell around 19 different items for one supplier.

This month has been very slow, sold only 18 items whereas last month I sold around 120.

Drop shipping can be time consuming since you have to find products with good profit margins, find suppliers and wait for your items to sell. My highest profit on a item is about £4 which for a side business is fine.

All I can say is If you got time and the energy, you could make a few bucks on the side

awful way to start, anyone would soon lose interest after selling stuff … awful way to start, anyone would soon lose interest after selling stuff they are lucky to get a £1 for

whats that saying about ones junk...i done pretty well on ebay selling my old clothing and tat,almost everything i sold i sold it for more than i paid,i also had a good eye for a bargain and knew how well to describe my items,i shipped worldwide,most of it was womans clothing and ladies boots that i sold onto men,which i always paid around £5 for and sold for around £50 + P&P....only reason i gave it up was because holding down a full time job and having to run back and fourth to the PO every day was a pain in the arris..,not to mention piles of things waiting to be washed,ironed,wrapped and then posted away.....theres also the "buzz" that i always got seeing my items get bid up and beyond prices i couldnt believe as my auctions all started at 99p ...if you have the time Ebay can be great...if not,it gets very tiring.
i tried, i failed. there's just not enough margin in it. honestly, you're better off getting a stand down the local market on weekends. sorry, but this is my experience. i hope you prove me wrong.
Trisham is right in that you need some experience as a seller before you can dive into a business.
If you've never sold or even used ebay before, would it not be prudent to test the market and learn how it works?
I wouldn't expect anyone to walk into any market and succeed without the odd mistake and stumble, so why not make some mistakes and gain some experience whilst also freeing up some capital from unwanted household clutter??

The problem I had with dropshipping and 'trade' suppliers that were open to sole traders off the street was that you weren't their only customer. Other ebay traders used the same suppliers and therefore there was a very fine margin to be made and new traders would come along and shave those margins further.
Obviously it did work at one time as others used it successfully, but even back then it did require a lot of work such as research, staying on top of competitors, admin etc.

there are a lot of big UK based ebay traders, from the one-man band to the almighty '****' - but one thing that most of them have in common is that they're pretty efficient and professional.

it helps if you know and understand your product/area. have a look at a few top sellers in areas that interest you.

The thing that still pains me every time I make a sale is the hour or hour and a half it takes me to retrieve the item, package it, head down to the post office, queue and get back home. You will need a decent logistics system in place and be able to post at least 2-3 times a week and answer questions often and quickly.
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