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Found 18th May
hi, I'm having a party for around 40 people- was going to order caterers for a buffet.
I've now come across Tesco doing their own and also, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and M&S

Can anyone recommend either of those stores for catering or is a proper company better?

Many thanks
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Not sure about any of the above, but have used Morrisons and found them to be grest value for money and the food was fantastic.
i have done the party food rounds at sainsburys, m&s, morrisons, tesco and i would say i like the morrisons ones the best for taste and value.

followed by tesco, then m&s. i don't rate sainsburys party food at all even though i like their food the best for my weekly shop.

getting a caterer in will be more expensive but depending on who you get in, their produce may be better quality.
We used Waitrose for party food. Lovely food and reasonable prices.
Age, location ie house or hall ? Iceland does good cheap foods.
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