Party food help needed!

    I'm having a surprise party and needhelp with party food- like kid's party!! Any help needed please!!


    If you gotta FIVER you got a party goto iceland

    sausage rolls
    carrot sticks
    mini rolls
    jam tarts

    mini sarnies
    jelly & ice cream

    Hi, get some cookie cutters and cut all the sandwiches out with them, dinosaurs, teddies etc, kids absolutely love the, plus no crusts. Also fruit kebabs, get some skewers and alternate marshmallows, strawberries and grapes until full (leave enough of the stick bare to hold tho but not recommended if really young kids) Can also do this with cherry toms, cucumber chunks and cheese (use the cheap stuff otherwise it'll crumble and not stay on the stick)
    Make individual jellie in clear (plastic) pot, use lime jelly and put either a freddo or jelly snakes in before set (when cold otherwise colours will bleed/choc melt) Hope this helps

    Also if you make the sandwiches early wet sum greaseproof paper then cling film this will keep the sarnies from drying out. Works for hours and hours a trick my friends dad who's a caterer taught me

    do a good mix of kids foods and more adult food. My kid sis shes 13 now used to hate lots of parties as she was brought up healthy eating she actually didnt like usual kids foods.

    Like chmaine and michelle have suggesed.

    Original Poster

    Thank you all xxxx

    Check if there is anyone with an allergy - most parties seem to have at least 1 allergy now!

    Remember a cake - sounds stupid but I know of a few people who have forgotten it in the panic of remembering everything else!

    Stuff like tuna pasta or cold pasta bolognese is good because its proper food so you can just have a bowl of that if you want, or can have a small amount with everything else.

    Garlic bread
    Sandwiches - put out bread, different fillings (e.g. sliced cheese, meats etc) and then salad stuff and let people create their own
    Sausage rolls
    Hotdogs (quick to do but nice to have hot food)
    Burger on a bun - cut into pieces

    snacks baiscally
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